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work in progress: crochet and embroidery


how are you?! 
since last week, no progress to show concerning my nutty pillow. i couldn’t work on it because i went for a weekend trip with my cousin renée to the north of the country and to visit my mother, who i had not seen for over a year. i had brought a small project with me to be able to crochet some stitches. it is the easiest stitch pattern i think and it will be a simple scarf.



monday was unexpectedly sunny and warm and i sat in my garden making embroidery stitches ​​on my white pyramid in the works.






later this week i hope to publish some explanations about how to crochet the stitch pattern of the mustard yellow scarf.

i hope you will come along again!

7 thoughts on “work in progress: crochet and embroidery

  1. Both of your projects are coming along nicely. Have a good day. 🙂

  2. really fresh and sunny projects!!!!!
    xxxxxx ale

  3. A simple scarf you say 😀 It is GORGEOUS! I like the embroidery idea too, gives a whole new dimension to crochet work.

  4. lovely projects!!!

  5. Lovely scarf! When I am retired I will do embroidery. 😉

  6. Your scarf looks airy and very nice! Your embroidery is with such happy colors! Love it!

  7. Wow! The white bag has come out beautifully! Just love the embroidery…

    TC! Keep smiling 🙂