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yarn, crochet, knit: yarn bombing


hello and welcome!


not long ago, i confessed that i am not a huge fan of yarn bombing, but contribute to this sweet project, i wanted to do.

since a few months i am also on instagram and i like it, although i have not read the instructions yet and therefore i can not do more than post pictures and write comments.
anyway, on instagram, i met a man/came across (you say it like that in english?), the yarnbomber. he makes beautiful yarn bombing projects, of which you can see the photos on his website

he also attempts to set the world record for largest crocheted granny square, see here

what attracts me in his projects, next to the size, the location, the way it’s made and looks, is – very important to me – that the material is reused for other projects.

therefore contributing to project 7, no idea what it will be, i could not resist and this is part of what i sent to america.


contribution yarnbomb project 7

contribution yarnbomb project 7


of every contribution the yarnbomber makes a photo, place it on instagram and writes something kind about it.

picture Instagram Yarnbombs

picture Instagram Yarnbombs


what i also find very special is this and i quote:

“on march 10, 2012 i touched yarn and picked up knitting needles for the 1st time in my life. 81 days later i installed this, my 1st yarnbomb….”


isn’t this cool?!


i will be back with a new blogpost on wednesday about some work in progress and i hope to see you then!

have a lovely, healthy and creative week!


14 thoughts on “yarn, crochet, knit: yarn bombing

  1. Lol, yarn bombing is a new discovery for me. Thanks for sharing this. Looks like yarn bombing results in some great photo subjects! 😉

  2. Very nice that you contributed to his project. 🙂

  3. wow!!! You did a great work Andre’e and it’s a nice project to get involved in!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. I follow a yarnbomber on Instagram too and she does some beautiful work.

  5. I also do not really like yarn bombing, it seems a bit useless. But I think indeed that it depends on how and where.
    These big boulders with their ‘blankets’, they really look amazing in the mountains of Saint Barbara.
    And I also like the fact that after the events, which are relatively short in time, the crochet pieces are given away to people how can use them as blankets!
    A year ago people in my neighborhood had to face an ugly fence during the building of a new school building. If I had lived in that street, maybe I would have decorated the fence with some big doilies.

  6. I love what he is doing also! Nice work on your contributions 🙂

  7. Lovely work Elisabeth look forward to hearing more… I think yarnbombing is such fun, I would love to do some!

  8. Thanks for sharing this story about yarnbombing!