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work in progress: white crochet stitches part 2



still working on my white project and yesterday i published a little tutorial for how to crochet 2sctog if you work in the round and don’t want to decrease the number of stitches.

the small pyramid i made while i was taking photos to use for the tutorial.

the large white one needs only about four rows and then i can start decorating it. 




for the colder months i have planned, some large and some small projects, the yarn i have and the balls are waiting for me. i must not let myself be distracted by wanting to do all kinds of projects in between, but i find that difficult, because everything is so nice to do.

do you recognize that or can you stick to one project (or maybe two)?

love to hear from you!





see you soon!




10 thoughts on “work in progress: white crochet stitches part 2

  1. Only now I’m obliged to work at one project at the time, because all my stuff is still in the container and my yarn stash is really poor!!!! ;oD
    xxxxx Ale

  2. I cannot pick one projects – I need to make many at the same time. I don’t think it is curable. However I am trying to accomodate this now by having two WIP bags, one for small projects and one for big ones.. More on the blog soon. But that would only over knitting/crochet project and not sewing ones…

  3. Haha me too! It is so fun… And sometimes you can just do a couple of projects. That keeps me from getting bored by a project (especially if it is a bigger project). But question… What do you use the lovely pyramids for?

    • I agree with you, all those projects together are joyfull 🙂
      The small pyramid is just an example and I will give it to a small dog. The large one with green is suitable for a small child because it feels very pleasant to hold and I think it looks nice in a child’s room or nursery. The white one will be a small cushion on my couch. So, toys for pets or children/cushions for children and grown ups.
      Thanks for visiting!

  4. I tend to do one project at a time.
    I am thinking that these pyramids would make interesting pillows on a child’s bed.

  5. You always share such great ideas! Looking forward to trying this.

  6. Love your projects so fun!

  7. Yes, a very common problem!
    Sometimes I want to try things out, sometimes I think it is nice to crochet a gift for someone…
    Sometimes I do not have enough yarn to finish the project and I have to wait until it is available again.
    Personally I don’t mind. I know that I will finish my projects at one point.
    Because finishing a project is the most satisfying.

    Good luck with your new projects this winter!

  8. oh…I think that is a VERY common problem 😉
    I do that too…till one day I decide that I have to finish every WIP I have on hands…and start the cycle again… ;))))
    No magic solutions for you… 🙂