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summer scarf and pouf


hello, so nice to see you!


after a week of being a little silent i’m back. i was and am impressed by the downing of the MH17 and its consequences, the impact it has and will have.


green pouf

on instagram i was more active and posted some photos last week of – among others – the green pouf in the making.

the yarn which i use for the pouf is the same as for the cushion cover in white, green and orange, which is katia new cancun. pictures of the cushion cover here and more info about the yarn here.

soon i will tell you a little more about the green pouf cover and when i finished it, i continue with the floor cushion or doggie bed and the mini squares. these two projects i put aside because it is too warm to work with those yarns.


lacy summer scarf

last week i had my new summer scarf finished, crocheted with phildar canasta argent which is a very pale blue color. it is a blend of viscose and acrylic (79% viscose, 21% acryl) and it has a subtle sheen. unfortunately the yarn is discontinued, you can find more info here


the scarf i made because i had given away the anthracite-colored scarf. this pale blue one is a bit wider because it has more rows, but i have used the same stitch pattern see here.



that is it for today.
hope this week will be a happy, healthy and creative week for you!


UPDATE: joining tamis ami’s WIP wednesday, hope you will take a look!



8 thoughts on “summer scarf and pouf

  1. Die clustersteek is een goede keus voor een sjaal.
    Soms vallen prachtige steekpatronen in een sjaal helemaal niet op omdat een sjaal om de hals wordt gedragen. Maar in dit geval blijft de steek goed zichtbaar.
    Heb je de sjaal in de lengte gehaakt?
    Kleur is ook mooi.

    • Hallo Estella,
      Dank je wel voor je berichtjes! Leuk om van je te “horen”:)
      De sjaal heb ik inderdaad in de lengte gehaakt. Eerst heb ik een sliert van kettingsteken gemaakt totdat ik de lengte goed vond en na een paar toeren heb ik de overgebleven -onbewerkte- kettingsteken losgepeuterd en de draad netjes ingeweven.

  2. Love the summer scarf, especially the softness of the blue. The pouf looks very interesting too, green is very relaxing to put up your feet and rest.

  3. the scarf looks wonderful, a lovely stitch, and it has given it a great drape 🙂

  4. Just lovely, both of them. I love the ice blue of the scarf.

  5. Both these projects are beautiful.