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this post was actually meant for last friday, but given the tragedy it did not feel appropriate because there is much grief, we are all shocked.

but you know, cute pets are always adorable, yesterday, today and tomorrow and they give comfort. so, with a few days delay, here are the pictures of cats and crochet.

i hope you like them!


patchwork blanket

a while back, i made ​​the patchwork blanket, maybe you can remember? here is the link to the blog post. the blanket has – together with the cushion of a recent blog post – found a new home with a large couch and two cats. first, the blanket was inspected and then approved by Zoef. Zoef is the lady you see on both pictures below (i think you can translate the word zoef with the word whoosh).

yellow blanket

and also a long time ago i made ​​the yellow blanket that eventually found a new home too. the blanket was only five minutes on the couch and this little boy was sitting on top. his name is Kip and Kip is the dutch word for chicken, not an average name for a cat;)

Kipje the little cat on the yellow blanket

Kipje the little cat on the yellow blanket


anyway, i feel flattered the blankets are adopted by these cute cats:)


love from the netherlands and please keep crocheting, knitting, sewing, painting, writing, drawing, making music and more !

until another time!




6 thoughts on “cats and crochet

  1. Such a disaster, so sad. Keep crafting and cuddling the cats!

  2. Sending my thoughts to the Netherlands and all the other affected countries. And the reports on the news don’t seem to be getting any better. xx

  3. Very sad news indeed.

    Lovely photographs of your awesome works Elisabeth! Your cats are so cute…

  4. Beautiful work. My heart is also heavy due to the recent airline disaster. I know many people in your country are suffering.

  5. Dear Andrée, we feel the grief with you and I hope, all can be solved anytime soon. I don’t want imagine how feel the parents and families of all these people … We have some friends in Ukraine and the whole situation ( the war and all it’s consequences) is unbearable for them too.
    Maybe you can enjoy my last post a bit, I thought also of you , when I wrote it. Hugs from here, Sabine.