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WIP: more squares


hello, nice to see you!


since last week the first part of the floor cushion or doggie bed, because that is what it will be, is finished. i am working on the edge of the second part. 



the other project i am working on is the ‘million’ 3-rows-mini-squares. on the photo you see 95 mini squares with an off white outer row…

95 mini squares with an off white edge

95 mini squares with an off white edge

… and i am busy with the ones with a black outer row.

mini squares with a black edge

mini squares with a black edge



next to off white and black, i have brown, dark blue and gray.



because it is quite warm at the moment this acrylic yarn is not ideal to work with and that is why i am looking for another project. that is an easy choice because someone liked my anthracite summer scarf and i gave it to her. a good excuse to make another one for myself, don’t you think:)


that is it for today, but first i will join: ginny’s yarn along at small things


hope you feel fine! 
see you another time!



17 thoughts on “WIP: more squares

  1. Wow! Wonderful things are getting ready… Best wishes…

  2. I love the yarn you’re using for your floor cushion. Your little squares blanket is going to be amazing, like an intricate mosaic

  3. Verrassende kleurencombinatie! Onverwacht en toch karakteristiek voor jou.
    Bijna een kunstwerk.
    Groetjes, Estella

  4. Are you sure you will let your doggie sleep on this gorgeous floor cushion? Very spoiled indeed he will have the best bed in town.

  5. I love all those pretty little squares. The big cushion is such a great idea. Lovely.

  6. Your doggies are very, very lucky! 🙂

  7. Love seeing what you’re up to, and am so impressed by your color sense–such pretty color combinations. You always inspire me to get busy on the next crochet project.

  8. The floor cushion/doggy bed is looking real nice – and I love all the little squares. 🙂

  9. every time i pop in your blog i get inspired to grab my crochet hook again…..it seems my knitting needles always put up such a fuss and you know about that ‘squeaky wheel’ thing! one of these days…..one of these days!!!

  10. Wow, the connecting blue is sooo beautyful with all these squares! Great! I couldn’t imagine it before, but now I love it. Prachtig! 😉 Greetings, Sabine.

  11. I look forward to seeing what you will do with all those mini squares.

  12. So nice to see all the beautiful things you make! And I happen to know the one who is wearing your summer scarf now (my daughter). She is very happy with it.