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WIP large and small squares



a small update about the variegated squares, since last week i have all 48 per four sewn together and each large block provided with an edge in different shades of blue. next step is sewing the blocks together, hope to show you the progress of this project next week.

variegated blocks with blue around

variegated blocks with blue around



i was working on another project but i stopped that because i did not like it. 


3 rows squares

with two new balls of variegated yarn in pinkish and lilac-like shades and off white and brown yarn from my stash i make small 3 rows squares. just because i like to:) the variegated yarn i turn into small balls that i sort by color.



info about both projects will be continued, so i hope you will come back sometime for another visit!


joining here, please come over to take a look: 


until next time!



5 thoughts on “WIP large and small squares

  1. Your squares are quite pretty. I love the color combinations.

  2. Everything is looking so interesting! I would love to see the end results of all of these!

  3. Oooo I love your blanket ideas, looking forward to seeing more 🙂

  4. Beautiful! And the yarn looks so soft!

  5. I love the pink with the brown – one my favourite colour combination.