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pink and anthracite crochet


hello, how are you? 

last weekend i made it very easy for myself, only a few household chores and some shopping at the supermarket, and of course i watched football (that was not very relaxed…) and of course i crocheted. 

​like this lacy summer scarf for which i’ve used this stitch pattern and anthracite colored cotton viscose of yarnstudio.




i found a ball of yarn (label unknown) that has escaped the trip to england, see here for more info on that. the yarn  i have turned into a few small items: a glass jar cover, a floral motif and a flowery garland.


if you are interested the pattern for the garland can be found via this link and then look for number 8. the only difference with the original pattern and this pink one is 10 chains between de flowers in stead of 20.

the pattern for the flower motif you can find via this link.


that was it for today. hope your monday was a good one, my best wishes for the new week!!



9 thoughts on “pink and anthracite crochet

  1. As always such beautiful things, loving the flower garland.

  2. Love the pattern and color of this beautiful summer-weight scarf. Need to try this soon! May I use it in items I sell (with credit, of course!)

    • Hello, thanks for visiting!
      Sure you may sell your items, no problem at all. The upsetting / annoying part lies in acting like someone elses / my pattern is yours. So feel free to use the pattern and also feel free to sell your creations.
      Best wishes and thank you for asking.

  3. Your summer scarf is beautiful. It looks very nice on you. I love the items you made with the pink yarn – especially the flowery garland. 🙂

  4. Dear Andrée, these things are sooo sweet! I love them. Summergreetings! Sabine.