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WIP and a cushion cover


how nice of you to visit my blog!


since last week i have crocheted more variegated squares and ​​48 of them i have chosen and sewn together per four to make large blocks.

how i’m going to join the large blocks, i’m still figuring but i have some ideas.



mustard and lilac

5 mustard yellow and 2 pinkish squares i won’t use for this project, but i have crocheted an eighth square and an additional row around each of the 8 squares. i have sewn them together also per four and made another few rows all around et voilà … a cushion cover with a shoe lace closure.

at first i found it a weird color combination, but soon i started to like it. what do you think of the cushion cover, would it fit on your couch?




still i have a few small scraps of variegated yarn in tones that fit nicely together, and i am also making a square of it.

lilac and natural shades

lilac and natural shades




next week i hope to be able to show you more progress of the project with the large blocks.


joining: ginny’s yarn along at small things

hope to see you again!


11 thoughts on “WIP and a cushion cover

  1. So pretty! I hope to blog about some of my crochet soon!

  2. Love crochet cushions, so soft and comfy! Beautiful!

  3. I like what you are doing with the squares.

  4. Awesome works! They have come out really really good!

  5. I really must learn to crochet. I love your chair cushions!

  6. The cushion cover: unexpected but very nice color combination!
    (I am afraid the cover will not suit my couch because I have an off-white/cream colored rug on the floor in front of the couch. As far as the colors on my screen are realistic, I think the white in the cover is too white…)

  7. I really like these squares, and the ones you have used to make a cushion….especially the colours!!

  8. Beautiful! I keep telling myself I need to learn how to crochet (I am a knitter only right now!), maybe this will be the summer to try something new!

  9. Such pretty squares! So many possibilities. I think that’s why they are one of my favorites.