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hello, thanks for stopping by!


today i’m going to confess something: i’m not a huge fan of yarn bombing;)

but a while ago i found this project on the website of lionbrand: yarn bomb a chair, which seemed like fun and i’ve pinned it on pinterest.

YarnBombing Chair LionBrand.html

Yarn Bombing Chair

then i saw – i do not remember where – a picture of a playground for small children. at night, people had the trees among other things, wrapped in yarn and the next morning the surprise for the children was … well big. the reaction of the children was so cute.

and there is a blogger, the grange range, who i follow for a while through my wordpress reader and she has put a request for a little help on her blog and guess, yes it has to do with yarn bombing.

she says this: “i work in a lovely little family-orientated gp surgery and i thought it would make our patients smile if we could yarn bomb the place with colorful flowers and wildlife animals and create a ‘fantasy garden’, and i thought why not ask for some help from my wonderful blogging friends.”


 here are the links to her posts:

  1. yarnbombing-call-to-arms
  2. charity-yarn-bombing-details-and-patterns


this idea is so sweet i think, but at the moment i can’t help in an active way, to my regret. what i can do is donate and this weekend i have looked in my closet and made ​​a selection. hopefully the yarns and crocheted thingies (pictures below) are usable for the project and i like to send it across the north sea this week.


crocheted thingies

here are some pictures and links:

flowers and some larger motifs …


… and garlands



some links:


best wishes for everybody, have a great week!


packed and ready to go across the north sea.

packed and ready to go across the north sea.


9 thoughts on “yarn yarn yarn bombing

  1. I go bananas for yarn bombing too! It is actually quite strange that I don’t pin yarn bombing ideas! Did you know that the South Africans are going to attempt the largest yarn bomb in the world soon? They have already made more than 25 000 20×20 cm (mostly) and 15×15 squares and it will be displayed at a Yarn Indaba soon. i think that chair is super! It is funny also that no designer has thought of doing small wooden stool versions for toddlers – imagine how many hours a funky wool stool would keep little hands busy!

  2. what a great way to make a room more lively – a great project to get involved in!

  3. How kind of you Elisabeth! May God bless you and your sweet blogger friend…

    I had a glance of your awesome projects published in your previous posts… Fell in love with the colours and the patterns you had made!

    The Arts & Me

  4. What a fabulous contribution! Hope you are OK?

  5. Thank you so much for sharing our project with your readers and for all the lovely creations you are sending to support us, there is so much I cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

  6. Creating a crocheted wonderland for children is a wonderful idea – it would certainly take their mind off of seeing a doctor.