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crocheted orange drape


the orange drape is finished!


it has a double edge and therefore ​​it became a little curly. the edge i also made ​​a little different than is written in the pattern and instead of three rows, i have made four rows of medallions​​. 

the shawl drapes beautifully and i think it will be quite chic in a natural color. it’s an easy pattern to follow with good charts, but i did not really have fun making it and so i was glad i was done with it, not sure why. the pattern is from the 2012 vogue knitting crochet special, which i have on my ipad.

as usual, i have too many pictures a serie of pictures for you to see, i’m curious to your opinion about the drape.

if you like, just click on the photos to see them in a larger size.


joining the wonderful creative friday at natural suburbia


hope you will have a lovely and sunny weekend!


orange drape on a hanger
orange drape details
orange drape on the couch

17 thoughts on “crocheted orange drape

  1. Prachtig! Zo te zien is het ook heerlijk om om je heen te draperen; het valt erg mooi – super!

  2. I would like to do it to. Can you write to me from which magazine exactly you have it?

  3. it is beautiful – and really drapes well…I may just have to make myself one, although I am not as bold as your Mum and may have to go for black…

  4. This turned out so beautifully!

  5. It’s beautiful. It’s got a lovely drape to it, so delicate and pretty 🙂

  6. absolutely beautiful!

  7. Very lovely. I think a white or natural would be nice but the orange is nice too. Glad you were able to push through and finish!

  8. It turned out beautiful. You have such a knack with colour. I like your coaster too. Very elegant.

  9. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !!!!!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  10. This is the one of the most beautiful pieces I think I have ever seen! The color you have chosen is absolutely exquisite and when I saw your pictures I was attracted to this piece immediately. Its such a sunny, happy piece and makes me want to smile. Lovely work. ❤

  11. I think it’s gorgeous – the drape is perfect for a wrap. 🙂

  12. It does drape beautifully! The orange color looks delicate in this style, not at all overwhelming the way orange can be sometimes. Nice results, even if the process wasn’t exciting.

  13. I always enjoy visiting your site!!

  14. I like this so much. You crochet beautifully, and the color combination is striking. I would never think to combine colors the way you do, but I wish I did! You seem to have a knack for feeling what colors will work together.