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small crochet projects and work in progress


how are you? i hope it goes well! 

last and also this week i’ve done a number of small projects, one of leftover yarns and one of yarn which i have because i pulled out a project that did not work for me. let’s call this my second hand green yarn.

bags and vases filled with yarn ends (short and a little longer) and tiny balls of leftover yarns i have.



i’ve chosen these leftover yarns, tied the ends together and turned them into a ball. a few leftovers i have kept separately for the top and to make embroidery stitches. i found a small ball of black cotton yarn that i once used to make something, but i pulled again.


i started crocheting and this is the result.



of this green variegated yarn i will make 3 large squares to make a…. i will show you another time.

green squares of 2nd hand yarn

green squares of 2nd hand yarn



another project i made of yarn that i had in my stash, because can i have enough pot/planthangers? yes i can, but they are so nice to make:)



also i have been working on my orange shawl, which actually will be a blanket, because i have 9 more balls of yarn in this color.



and later this week i will post photos of the crocheted present for my brother and his girlfriend. today i have the package sent to them, but they are both abroad, so i do not know when they actually will see it.

joining here, hope you will take a look:



come over in a few days if you have time. for now, thanks for visiting!



11 thoughts on “small crochet projects and work in progress

  1. Thanks for sharing about using left over yarn. I have loads but didn’t know what to do with them and thought it a waste to throw them away. So now I’ll tie them together as you did and then off I’ll go!

  2. Whoah! So many projects! Great to use leftover yarn!

  3. That’s so cool! I just give my daughter my leftovers as she loves to ‘create’ with them. 😀 But I might have to save a few for myself and try this idea out. 🙂

  4. Brilliant, I love them all! Am intrigued by the squares – I will be back (not a threat!!)

  5. I love the orange shawl. It’s beautiful and so summery!

  6. Beautiful projects.

  7. Lovely work! – Sharon

  8. What do you mean can someone “have enough pot/planthangers”? Sometimes you make me wonder how your place looks like 😀 In any case, I find them superb!

    • How my place looks? Small, with one bedroom, livingroom and kitchen are one space. But I think you’re pointing at my crochet work;) Well, uhm, four cushions on the couch with only one crocheted cover (at the moment), in the bedroom two crocheted blankets on my bed…. and several crocheted little things (like vase covers) around the livingroom. I don’t have much room for pothangers, so they are in my tiny hall, they hang next to the front door. No crocheted wallpaper etcetera 😉

  9. you have been very productive this week!!!!
    I think the 3 squares are going to be a bag I saw on Pinterest……..!!!!!!
    xxxxxxxx Ale