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hello, thanks for stopping by!

we are already halfway through the week and it’s time for projects in the works. 


all small squares i have sewn together and i’m working on the finishing touches of the project. it’s a gift for my youngest brother and his girlfriend, although i have no idea if they will like it.

the leftover squares are now a planthanger, also for the two lovebirds i mention above.



with the same yarn as the lacy with dots blanket i am trying a pattern from the 2012 vogue knitting crochet special. it is the medallion shawl by kathy merrick which is made of a different type of yarn and in multiple colors. 

i do not know yet if i will make a small blanket instead, because i’m not the type to wear this kind of shawls.

orange crochet work in progress

orange crochet work in progress


the gaps between the motifs are somewhat large to my opinion and i’m thinking about filling them so i’ve tried several options, but i’m not sure yet. 

i’m curious about your opinion, what would you do?

joining here, hope you will take a look: 

16 thoughts on “crochet work in progress

  1. De sjaal is prachtig en aan het hangertje heel decoratief.
    Ik denk net als Janie dat als je het als dekentje gaat gebruiken de openingen misschien wat aan de grote kant zijn.
    Succes ermee!

  2. Your crochet work is fantastic. I’m sure your brother will love the blanket and I really like your plant hanger.
    For your lacy shawl, how about putting a solid colour behind it and making a cushion or throw?
    Donna x

  3. not like it????? you must be kidding!!!! they will LOVE it!!!! It’s a fabulous blanket!!!

  4. Wauw wat een mooi haakwerk… Ik vind je orangje lace prachtig met de ruimtes ertussen. Als sjaaltje zou hij het perfect doen inderdaad (maar ook hier geen sjaal type), als dekentje zit er misschien wat teveel ruimte tussen. Begrijp dat het lastig is. Maar ohw wat een mooie kleur ook! Ik vind ‘m eigenlijk prachtig aan die hanger zo! 🙂 😉

  5. Wow I really love how the colours of the variegated yarn in the centre of the squares on the top left blend so seamlessly into the solid colour beside them. It makes me think of sorbet 🙂 So pretty!

    As for the lacy shawl, I think I’d go with filling in the gaps and making a blanket of it. I’m not a lacy shawl type either.

  6. I can’t get over how fast you crochet, so many beautiful creations just flying off your hook! I like the orange lace pattern, I’ve not really explored crocheting lace yet

  7. I like the gaps in the orange. It’s lovely and delicate looking.

  8. The square look lovely, especially where you have joined them with the grey. A very underrated colour.

  9. For the yellow pattern . . . I don’t think the spaces are too large at all! Something about the whole motiff is what made me click on it out of the whole Yarn Along line-up, so you’re doing something right there! Unless there’s a category for usefulness/coverage/warmth? But then, I can’t see why it can’t be a light throw or a summer shawl. Beautiful!

  10. I love what you’ve made for your brother – and I agree with Iris, the colours are beautiful. I also like the beautiful yellow crochet – I don’t mind the large gaps – they give it an amazing fragility and drape – very pretty.

  11. really like the plant hanger!!!!
    your shawl needs fillers, I agree with you! Something solid and geometric, just to give more strength to the work?????
    xxxxxxxxx Ale

  12. What a beautiful gift, made with love. The shawl is stunning I love the colour and the sc looks brilliant in the gaps.

  13. Looking at all your photos makes me wish I crocheted, everything is so pretty.

  14. I’m sure your brother and his girlfriend will love their gift. As for the shawl – I like the sc you added to the gaps. It kind of fills in the gaps yet it still keeps the lacy look. The shawl looks very pretty. 🙂

  15. I love your planthanger. It’s lovely! 🙂 Greetings, Sabine.

  16. I think they will love it because you made it for them. The colors are beautiful.