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lacy with dots crochet blanket


the lacy with dots blanket is finished and here are the pictures!

of every color i could make five squares and a few dots. the squares i sewed together and the blanket has ’roundish’ corners which i think turned out pretty well. 

'roundish' corner

’roundish’ corner

now i have three versions of the lacy with dots blanket, the green one is the ‘original’ and the black one is my favorite although it is not very photogenic.

they all have a different edge, it is just what i liked to do when making the blankets.

the pattern for the squares and info about the yarn you can find via this link.

hope you enjoy looking at the photos!

thanks for stopping by! 





happy weekend!
lacy with dots blanket on couch

lacy with dots blanket on couch

15 thoughts on “lacy with dots crochet blanket

  1. That looks super inviting. I love all the colours!

  2. I like that design ! Great blanket !

  3. that looks great!

  4. Ziet er echt vrolijk uit met die kleurtjes!
    Doordat de kleuren in banen gerangschikt zijn ziet deze er heel anders uit dan de groene.
    De vierkanten zijn heel mooi. Heb je die zelf bedacht?

  5. I love this fresh and springlike look. Really great. Have a nice weekend! Sabine.

  6. Deze kleurrijke versie vind ik toch ook wel heel erg mooi! Groetjes, Sandra

  7. It’s very pretty and different, I like it a lot, thanks for sharing!

  8. Love it 🙂 I think Green is still my fav though!

  9. Really unusual and very pretty….and yes…thank you for so much inspiration!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  11. Great!! It looks super cool!! I love the colors and I am always amazed at different styles of squares you make:)

  12. here it is!!!!! I all its beauty!!!!!!
    xxxxxxxxx Ale

  13. It’s great! I love the way you’ve arranged the squares in lines going down and a gradient going across

  14. Wow…. and again WOW:)) A lot of work with a beautifull result! groeten Francien;)