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short time ago i told that i was making a birthday present, a bag for my cousin renée. in the week of here birthday, i was ill and i did not have finished the bag on time. last sunday she came to visit me and she said she didn’t mind making a liner herself. 


there was another surprise for her: a small bag for her one-year old granddaughter little sophie. but no liner here too:(  



so renée went home with two bags and two pieces of fabric. a day later, she emailed me that the bags were finished and below you can see the pictures. she already used hers:) 



the past week was not a lazy week: i’ve done two small plant hangers because i didn’t like the old ones anymore. for a new plant, i did not have a suitable pot, and therefore it is now in a glass vase. a new cover was made quickly with double strands of cotton yarn. and a glass tube has a cover too. 



the lacy with dots blanket is finished but the photos of this project you can see within a few days here on my blog. 

lacy with dots blanket by elisabeth andrée

lacy with dots blanket by elisabeth andrée





hope to see soon!


14 thoughts on “crochet bags and other projects

  1. Weer leuke tassen in mooie kleuren.
    Maar vooral je deken lijkt er prachtig uit te zien. Ik hoop dat je er nog meer foto’s van gaat laten zien!
    Groetjes en ik hoop dat het beter met je gaat, Estella

  2. Your projects always manage to take my breath away – absolutely stunning as always.
    Hope you are feeling better?

  3. What a gorgeous bag, perfect for the summer, the little bag is very cute. I hope you’re feeling better now. X

  4. Lovely pojects, especially the lacy dott blanket. Can’t wait to see more … 🙂

  5. I love those bags. Perfect lining fabrics. Can’t wait to see the dotty blanket.

  6. Love this color. The bag looks so cute!!!

  7. Love the green bag, it’s so pretty! Looking forward to seeing more of your dotty blanket

  8. Lovely bags. Lovely to see them lined too. Little girls love to put things in bags and carry them around. You have been busy. I love your pot holders. So fresh looking.

  9. Your bags are beautiful!! Shared on my Facebook page, Sanderellas

  10. Wow you have so many beautiful projects going on! Such bright happy colors – perfect for this time of year. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Both bags are beautiful – your cousin did great work with the lining. The plant hangers are beautiful too. Have a good day. 🙂

  12. You really have been busy with some wonderful projects. The bags are delightful.

  13. so many beautiful projects Andree’!!!! I’m in love with the pink bag and, obviously (!), with your blanket!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  14. Lovely projects, Andrée. What a nice surprise for the little girl. I love them with the fabric. Beautyful contrast. Hope, you’re well now. Have a good week! Sabine.