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hello, how are you? 

last week i spent almost all days in bed, but now i’m recovering. advantage of being ill is that my hands had to rest and therefore my fingers and wrists hurt less. of course this week i’ve been crocheting again:)

before i got sick i had started a new cushion cover and now it is finished. my living room is getting more cozy with some new plants and pots and several shades of green. i love green!

cushions on couch

the cover on the left and the green one i bought at H & M, the white cover with orange, blue and green stripes i made somewhere in the ’90th of 2 Habitat dishcloths.

stripy crochet cover

the cover i crocheted with a yarn that i bought a few weeks ago on the local market, katia new cancun in off-white and green, the stripes are catania cotton. the stitch pattern is number 28 on page 53 of this crochet stitch book, but it is very similar to the stitch pattern of this blanket, link to stitch pattern on this page.

after a few years with only a few plants in my apartment  i now have more (again). do you like to have plants in your home? also i am back at my favorite color combination of green, white, black with occasional a dab of a different color. are you changing (back) the colors in living space(s)? it makes me feel good to have the colors around me that i most love.



hope you will have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “crochet cushion cover

  1. Ik combineer limoengroen met antraciet en natuurlijke kleuren van vooral ongeverfde wol (kleed) en hout.
    Maar onze inrichting is vooral een samengeraapt zootje van gekregen en gevonden spullen.
    En een paar planten. De lichtsituatie laat meer planten niet toe: de woonkamer wordt er te donker van.
    Er is een tijd geweest, jaren geleden, dat ik veel meer planten had in andere woonplaatsen.
    Het hebben van planten is ongetwijfeld ook aan mode onderhevig, zonder dat je je daar misschien van bewust bent.

  2. Glad to hear you are well again! Oh I love how fresh your livingroom is with all those greens, creams and the dash of colour.

    The stitch of your cushion is beautiful!! I have seen that book before, I may pick it up!

  3. Love the colour combination of that cushion cover! Beautiful work!

  4. I really like that cushion!

  5. what beautiful space you have on here, thanks for sharing x

  6. Beterschap!! Ik heb ook een groene wand in mijn woonkamer.heel leuke kleur.

    Fijn weekend


  7. so pretty! That stitch looks very summery for some reason. I love the green flower one too! And it’s not just because Green is my fav color 🙂

  8. I love green too – my favourite colour. The cushion cover looks lovely and fresh. I love plants, but am not very good with pot plants. None of my windows have sills, so it really hard to get enough light to them.

  9. I love the slip cover. I’m really into bright green right now too.

  10. Love your cushion. Another fabulous colour combination. Hope you are feeling much better today.x

  11. that cushion cover came out very nicely! Green is not a go to color for me for decorating, but I do seem to wear a blue-green color quite a bit, if my closet is anything to go by. 🙂 Also, while blue is my favorite color, I seem to have NO blue sweaters, and several green ones. go figure. 🙂

  12. Sure, green is a great colour ! I like it , too!!!
    The cover is really nice and I love the neon touch!!!!
    xxxxxxxx Ale