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crocheting a round into a square


hello and welcome!

someone asked me how she could make a square of a round motif. this because she saw the tutorial for the another crochet square, a japanese circular motif of which i made ​​a square. 

my answer was/is: alas i can not say this is THE way or this is THE recipe, because there are multiple ways. if you have a favorite round motif which you want to turn into a square and you do not know which method you find most beautiful, i think it is best to practice and try out.  

a few years ago i learned it by crocheting many patterns to understand and then i started practicing to crochet rounds into squares. this cushion cover is the result and consists of those exercises combined with some patterns of others.

more info about this cover via this link


links to patterns

below you’ll see a small selection of links to patterns for squares which centers are round. 

some of the patterns are more complicated than others, but while crocheting it is advisable – i think – to look at the anatomy of the squares. some are made of a combination of short and (groups) of long stitches, some patterns contain more chains to make the corners and some are a combination of both. but they all are different.

just see what you like most, then you pick a round motif – i like to use the centers of doilies – and start counting.


yes counting, because if you want to make a square or rectangle, you need four corners, right? 🙂 

therefore the number of stitches of a round motif must be divisible by four. 

so i would say grab a ball of yarn with a suitable crochet hook and give it a try. 

have fun practicing! 


  1. squaring the treble circle by magda of pigtails
  2. tiny squares by elisabeth andrée
  3. ~ a ‘squircle’ ~ by debi y. of hooks and yarns
  4. retro circles – the tutorial by adele of three beans in a pod
  5. sunny spread crochet pattern by ellen k. gormley
    (and this is the link to the diagram)
  6. pop wheel by sarah london
  7. squaring the big circle tutorial by kate of signed with an owl
  8. flower garden granny square by hiromi of harujion design
  9. chrysanthemum square by betty barnden (written and diagram)
  10. latte macchiato by drops design
  11. circle of friends square by priscilla hewitt ©1999
  12. fresco lino pillow by pierrot (gosyo co., ltd)
    a japanese diagram pattern, links via ravelry to the japanese and english version
    UPDATE! i forgot these:
hope to see you soon!


12 thoughts on “crocheting a round into a square

  1. What a darling pillow. Looks very vintage-y. Love the color scheme.

  2. I love that cushion, I think it took me a while to understand what it meant, but now that I do it sounds like a great idea!

  3. Schitterende kussen! en bedankt voor de linken, groeten Francien

  4. these links are really useful Andree’, because it’s a period that I’m thinking about a new blanket with circles in squares…….!!!!!! ;oD
    thank you, xxxxxxxx Ale

  5. Very nice!

  6. Mooie combinatie van haakwerk en borduursel in het kussenovertrek!
    Echt haakwerk van topniveau!
    (Had ik nog niet eerder gezien.)
    Groetjes, Estella

  7. Lovely cushion! Very interesting to combine crochet and embroidery! And thanks for giving all that links. I always love to read your posts because they have so much information. Have a great week! Sabine.

  8. Your cushion cover is lovely. Thanks for adding my square in your list. 🙂

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you! These will be a huge help.