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black crochet blanket is finished!


hurray, my black blanket is finished!

it’s exciting to see an all-black blanket on the couch and i am very happy with it.

due to the open structure it is breezy enough to function as a blanket for colder spring and summer evenings, even it is made ​​of acrylic yarn. 

question: would you make a blanket in only one color – possibly with a different color for the outline – and if so, is black an option for you?

black blanket with green edge

do you like more info about the blanket? you can find it here and here:

that’s it for today and for this month, but first i am joining:

hope you will have a great weekend and a good start of march!



21 thoughts on “black crochet blanket is finished!

  1. I love the black. Really contemporary and striking. But I’m not sure how much enjoyment you might get from such a large black project. Well done for pulling it of.

  2. Very lovely! The black is a great accent to that space. Curling up under a knit blanket is a dream 🙂

  3. No black for me..I have two fawn pugs…

  4. Prachtig geworden. Ik vind de groene rand perfect als finishing touch. Ik haak zelf ook altijd contrasterende randen om mijn dekens.
    Voordat we naar Ierland verhuisden had ik ja gezegd op je vraag of ik ook een zwarte deken zou haken. Gek genoeg is mijn kleursmaak veranderd hier. Omdat het hier zo vaak grijs en grauw is ben ik meer kleurrijke projekten gaan maken. Waarschijnlijk veranderd dit weer als ik meer zon in mijn leven krijg.
    Ierland is prachtig maar oh wat mis ik de zon. Hopelijk komt de lente hier ook gauw.
    Dit moet wel de stormachtigste winter in tijden zijn geweest.

    Ik wens je een heel fijn weekend onder je lekkere deken!

    • Dank je wel Jeannette. Ik kan het me heel goed voorstellen als je aldoor maar regen en wind hebt, dat je verder alles kleurig wilt hebben. Ik heb soms echt met je te doen! Hoop dat de lente met zon snel komt, met al die prachtige voorjaarsbloemen.
      Wens je een aangenaam weekend! Groetjes.

  5. It’s gorgeous, I love the pop of green. Have a great weekend. Deb x

  6. Het is heel mooi geworden. Geniet ervan.

    Fijn weekend


  7. Wow it’s lovely! I don’t think I’d make a blanket in one colour for our house but it’s full of colour anyway so it would almost look out of place lol. If I did I think I’d maybe go for a grey or cream one if I wanted something neutral or a dark blue, dark purple or forest green

  8. I don’t think I’ll do a whole blanket in black, but I will do it in grey as long as there is a tiny bit of an accent colour to break up the grey. I think I will get bored of using only one colour or a whole blanket , so I take my hat off to you for managing to do it . It looks great!

  9. I think it turned out fantastic!! Beautiful!

  10. It’s turned out beautifully. I love the way the black shows off the texture 🙂

  11. Increasingly blacks and dark colours are something I avoid in my crafting. Not because I don’t like them – I do – but because I find it hard to see the stitches especially with our poor winter light in the evenings. It’s really dramatic in your light and bright lounge!

  12. I would never buy a black blanket–but seeing yours as a sofa cover, it looks great used that way. The texture really works in that setting. I’ve never had any problem using black for clothing/shawls though!

  13. well, my compliments!!!! I think your blanket is gorgeous Andree’!! I don’t use black in my works, because I have problems with my eyes to see the stitches!!!!! I think, for this reason, I’ll crochet a blanket in a different colour! Which one ? red? green? blue? pink? Gosh! I have the idea that it will be not a mono colour blanket!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  14. I think I would like a blanket in one colour and it fits in perfectly with your lovely neutral colour scheme – I love it x

  15. It looks great. Well done. I can’t wait to see your next project.

  16. Well done!! A gorgeous blanket but unfortunately I cannot see the stitches if I use black yarn. Would make it in another colour.

  17. Yes! This speaks to the minimalist side in me. I think you achieved a great piece and the colours are absolutely perfect!

  18. I love the green boarder around the blanket!

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