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two blanket in the works


good to see you!

my black blanket is almost finished! at the moment i’m working on a simple green border with a mossgreen yarn, but i do not get the color right in the picture. for years i have wanted a black blanket, first i was a bit reluctant for such a large black cloth, but i am very happy with the result and how it looks. 

sunday afternoon i started sewing together the squares and the result was a large black tangle in which i could find a beginning or end. the only thing i could do was loosen everything. monday afternoon i started again and after a few hours i had all the squares sewn together. 

black blanket by elisabeth andrée


the black blanket is made of 24 lacy squares with a dot.

when i published my pattern for the square, alessandra responded very enthusiastically. 

” They are great in their simplicity!!!! How beautiful will be a huge blanket in multiple colours????? YUMMY!!!!!

Thank you Andree’ for sharing the pattern with us!!!!! PINNED!!!!! ;oD

xxxxxxx Ale 

thanks ale and i think that is a good idea, although the multi colored blanket won’t be huge. 

with the black yarn i had bought some balls in various pastels, but not enough so i “had to buy” more colors. your ideas cost me money, ale 😉 

one of the new colors i have misjudged, i thought it was a bright orange and it appears to be neon orange. neon is nice, but in this case it was not really the intention.

fortunately it turned out to be useful since the other colors together look so sweet that you almost get a toothache, so the orange gives the whole a boost.

the pattern for the lacy square with dot and info about the yarn you can find here 

to be continued…

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5 thoughts on “two blanket in the works

  1. How funny Andree’ to find my comment in this post!!!! You made me laugh a lot and I feel a little bit guilty making you spend a lot of money for the colourful version of your blanket!!!!! ;oD Honestly, I think it’s worth it !!!!!! Every little cent!!!!
    The black one is really elegant : LOVE this one, too!!!!!
    You made my day, just thinking that my previous comment could have some influence on your work!!!! I think we are good “crochet friends”!!! This is really beautiful!!!!
    Thank you, xxxxxxx Ale

    • Hi Ale,
      So glad you could laugh at it, I’m always happy when I see that you have written a message. Thanks for your inspiration on your blog and your crochet work!
      Have a lovely day!

  2. I really like the colors you have chosen for your new blanket – the orange goes well with the pastels. 🙂

  3. I love your new blanket, looking forward to seeing more photos of it. And very intrigued to see your black blanket too

  4. Oh ja, móói zo helemaal zwart… Goed dat je je terughoudendheid hebt overwonnen – het resultaat is het meer dan waard.
    Ben ook benieuwd naar je nieuwe project. Veel plezier met het maken ervan!
    Hartelijke groeten, Haafner