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a toy for a dog


welcome, good to see you!

a very small project to work with colors as a change from my black blocks, that was what i was looking for.

a friend of mine has a young dog, his name is balou, a friendly cocker spaniel of about eight months old.

this is balou, on the photo about six months old

last week we went to the garden center with him and between the countless toys for dogs he liked something which looks like a flattened ball made of fabric. i thought it was pricey and so i figured that i could crochet something similar. friday i started with aqua and gray cotton yarn but then i thought that jacqueline has an only black / white interior without any color, so i started again with ecru, off-white, gray and black.

no short break from black for me, no colors:)

the toy i wanted to make flat and lightweight enough for the dog to hold it easily in his mouth. unfortunately i did not have suitable fabric to make a lining. therefore – to cover up the slightly too large gaps between the stitches in the centers – i crocheted small circles of single crochets and sewn them on with hopefully invisible stitches. i crocheted the sides together except for a small part to fill the toy with yarn ends of acrylic yarn and then i closed the side with some sewing stitches. it doesn’t look like a flattened ball, more like a tiny cushion.

 this is the result and let’s hope balou likes it!


back to my black squares.

hope you will have a great week!


9 thoughts on “a toy for a dog

  1. Awww, these doggie eyes 🙂

  2. Je compenseert het “gemis” aan kleur in het haakwerk volledig met de leuke pins die je momenteel plaatst op Pinterest 🙂 Echt genieten is dat!

  3. Mooi speeltje.
    Ik heb geen ervaring met honden dus daar kan ik niets over kwijt.
    Eén van mijn kinderen maakte eens op school een stoffen balletje dat onze poes heel leuk vond.
    Maar zoonlief vond dat maar niks, want het bleef niet heel, dus pakte hij het af.
    Ach, er was genoeg waar de poes mee kon spelen.

  4. Our dogs would love it too 😀

  5. if he doesn’t like it… there is a dog here in italy that will!!! looks like and eveil eye! love it!

  6. I am sure he will enjoy playing with it.

  7. Balou looks so cute. I’m sure he’ll love his new toy. 🙂

  8. Balou is a very lucky dog!!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale