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squares and a shade


welcome, thank you for visiting my blog, i like that!!


since monday, the number of black blocks has grown and soon i will write down the pattern and post it here on my blog for you. do not worry, i haven’t taken the green with dots blanket apart, i’ve only been trying to figure out how i crocheted the green squares. the effect of the lacy but simple black squares i find very beautiful, although it is difficult to capture that in a picture. 

lacy black squares


previously, i had made a pink test square, but i was not content with it. last week i made ​​an other version of it and again i did not like it and did not finish it, but now i see it again i think it’s cute. i will try to make the new version again with a different color yarn.

pink test squares


and then the crocheted object. some of you guessed it, it will be a lampshade, but the wire i bought is a little too thick. i had a piece of wire woven in between the dark gray and lilac pink, this to shape the shade, but the effect was not pretty. at the top i tried to tighten the wire around the cord of the lamp and fasten it to the top of the shade. that worked, but it was u-g-l-y.

i need to have a good think about this project, to be continued.

crochet lampshade to be

how are you and your project(s)?



hope see you soon!


12 thoughts on “squares and a shade

  1. like to look at your w.i.p.s !!!!!
    have fun, xxxxxx Ale

  2. Oh, I really like the pink test squares! So cute! I never even thought of doing a lampshade! How unique!

  3. I like the pink square that’s on the left – very pretty. I’m interested to see how your lampshade works out. 🙂

  4. de pink squares zijn heel mooi



  5. The lamp shed is going to look amazing!

  6. I like the idea of a crocheted lampshade🙂

  7. Hoi Andrée,
    Je kunt dus niet alleen fantastisch haken, maar je kunt ook een lamp maken!
    Ik denk er wel eens aan, maar ik vind elektriciteit een uitdaging!
    Met de huidige spaar- en ledlampen heb je minder last van warmte-afgifte, dus behoort zo’n dichte lamp tot de mogelijkheden.
    Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat.
    Groetjes, Estella

    • Hallo Estella,
      Dank je wel! Ik heb niets gedaan aan snoer, stekker en de fitting, ik zou niet durven. Het lag al een paar jaar in de kast, ik heb alleen een LEDlamp gekocht. Nu nog proberen er een geheel van te maken:)

  8. Your black squares are stunning..I’ve never seen that pattern before it looks like a waffle weave and I love it. You have great projects and I have been wanting to try lampshades as I have so many that need new material. You are so talented.

  9. Your projects are always beautiful and inspiring. Hope you can solve the lampshade shaping soon.

  10. Erg mooi, die zwarte vierkanten. Is dat nog een beetje te doen, in het weinig licht door het grijze weer van deze dagen? Ik ben erg benieuwd naar het eindresultaat. En ja, ik ben weer aardig opgeknapt, wat attent dat je er naar vroeg. Bedankt voor je reactie op mijn blogberichtje!