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wip and testing


how sweet of you to drop by for a visit!


since my yesterday’s blog post about my new cushion cover, i have not much to tell, i think, but you might find it nice to see a few photos.


no progress concerning the ‘crochet object’ that you could see last week, except the purchase of wire (50 meters! i could not find a smaller amount).

crochet object and iron wire


last evening i made a green cover for a glass jar​​, i was looking forward to work with my favorite color after so much beige and pink during the last few weeks. the result is not very special, but when i see it on the windowsill it gives me happy feeling. or is it the sun shining after days of gray weather?

green crochet cover for glass jar



and here are pictures of bottoms in a row, bottoms of covers i mean, and i’m a little in love with the flower motif (green and gray).


after i had finished the green cover, i tried with pink (yes pink again) acrylic yarn to make a square with that motif. i am not satisfied yet, so i will continue testing. 

pink testing square


happy to join:

hope to see you soon again!

plants and crochet covers

14 thoughts on “wip and testing

  1. beautiful beautiful!

  2. Always so busy! I love the colours you use.

  3. Your projects are always intriguing and beautiful 🙂

  4. I like the green motif, very pretty.

    The wire has got me completely baffled!

  5. Haken met ijzerdraad?
    Het lijkt inderdaad het meest op een lampenkap.

    Het bloemetje is leuk: zowel gehaakte als ‘open’ bloemblaadjes.

  6. Weer onwijs mooie haakwerkjes maar ook zeker mooie foto’s! groeten Francien

  7. The green is so lovely. Spring like. 🙂

  8. I really like the green one, and now I want to make one, too! HA!

  9. I love those covers – they’re so cute and cheery!

  10. I love your jar covers – the green just pops x

  11. So cute! Great idea for dressing up some glass jars.

  12. Wow these are great! Love the colours. Now following 🙂


    Jess x

  13. I also thought lamp cover!!! Maybe the wire reminded me of electric things? Your plant pot covers look like they glow with the sunlight showing through. Such warmth, I love them! Thank you…it is very cold here today in NYC 🙂

  14. busy busy bee! Are you working on a lamp cover? so curious!
    I like the pictures of your floral bottoms!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale