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WIP: crochet blanket and object


welcome and thank you for dropping by!

since monday the blanket is almost finished, i only have to crochet a few rows on one long side, weaving in the yarn ends and then i can put it into the washing machine for a nice wash (the yarn smells a bit dusty).

beige and pink blanket almost finished


i also work on another object that looks like this: 


what it is going to be and if it will work out the way i have in mind, i’ll tell and show you another time. 

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hope you will be back for another visit, see you soon!

have a good day!

11 thoughts on “WIP: crochet blanket and object

  1. awwww that blanket!!!!! the border is really intriguing me!!!!
    a bag?????

    xxxxxxxx Ale

  2. i’m guessing bag, too??? Love (LOVE!!!) the blanket! What a labor of love.

  3. I am so envious of joined squares…I have yet to master this! It looks beautiful as always. I love your color choices. Always!

  4. a bag? a lampshade? a hat? very pretty whatever it may be
    lovely blanket.

  5. Your blanket really is quite lovely. My mother and grandmother were both crocheter’s, but I never could get the hang of it, maybe now that I’m older I should try again.

  6. Great projects, you’re blanket is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what the mystery item will be. Deb x

  7. Blanket looks very pretty, Elisabeth 🙂 I guess the new thing you are making is a drawstring bag or vase cover. Looking forward to see what it is.

  8. I love the blocks you have used for your blanket, they are beautiful!

    Oooooh very interested in what the potential project you are working on!! it is looking very neat so far!

  9. I love the blanket, intrigued by the other project

  10. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished projects. 🙂