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WIP: cowl and christmas decoration


hello, thanks for stopping by! are you busy, maybe very busy?

this cowl i finished a few weeks ago, i only have to sew on the buttons. but suitable ones were hard to find although one of my drawers is packed with a wide range. the glass buttons on the photos i have ordered last week and i think they are beautiful but unfortunately a little too heavy and fragile, so i doubt.

the christmas decorations i have done, now i have to make a nice display with tiny plants and flowers. i found pink divine twine in a drawer when i was looking for buttons for the cowl (see above) and i have made a cover for a mini glass jar in which ginger jam has been. it fits nicely with the other christmas things. i think i’m putting together a package with some of the covers and baskets for my mother, i think/hope she will like the neutrals and pinks. 

also a small doily has come out of my hands​​, i can’t find the pattern anymore, sorry about that! 

 looking forward to your projects, joining these parties on wednesday:

hope to see you another time!


12 thoughts on “WIP: cowl and christmas decoration

  1. So many beautiful projects! I am so happy to see something made in the white/red twine! I have been lusting after all the wonderful stripey twines for a while now, but here it is so expensive I didn’t want to just buy without knowing what an item hooked in it will look like. It is pretty!

  2. never learned to crochet, but I love crocheted snowflakes! you have great projects here!

  3. Beautiful projects, love then doily and how you’ve made the little holder with twine. Deb x

  4. Your knits are always so beautiful both the colours and the creations, thank you for sharing.

  5. I love the colours of all your little baskets. So very pretty.

  6. Oh my goodness – so much pretty pastel! And it just looks so appealing on the blog. I can imagine how gorgeous it all is in real life!

  7. Those all look lovely – such beautiful colours. The doily is beautiful, such a lovely pattern. it would make a lovely snowflake at this time of year!

  8. I love those soft pale pinks and greys in your creations 🙂 good luck with finding the right buttons for your cowl (I’m having a giveaway on my blog so you are welcome to stop by if you’ll have time) merry christmas 🙂

  9. Your projects look amazing. I love those buttons so much. You will find something to use them on I know it.

  10. You do such beautiful work and it inspires me each time!

  11. What may I say? I see only beautiful things here !!!!! Thumbs up my dear!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  12. Dat ziet er al gezellig Christmassy uit. Ik hoop dat je je ondertussen al iets beter voelt.
    Hier in Ierland is de versiering nogal traditioneel. Groen, rood en goud. Niet echt mijn ding. ik houd meer van zachtere kleuren. Jouw versiering zijn dan ook een feest voor mijn ogen. 🙂