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how are you? hope it goes well with you! 


a few days ago there suddenly was hail, it did not take long, but look…

hail on 10 november 2013


it’s getting colder outside and i’m glad i finished my scarf. for the first time i’ve worked with baltic yarn of bergere de france and it is a very soft yarn which works smoothly. the color is dark gray and vaguely variegated, alas i can’t get the color proper on the photo. 

because it is thick soft yarn i wanted to keep the stitch pattern as simple as possible and i just have crocheted double crochets and made ​​a wavy border around it.




my projects in the works


i’m working on christmas decorations and i opted for a combination of neutral and pink tones. i also will use a few things i made last year because i think they fit nicely with the new ones.



stitch pattern and working with double thread

last weeks post showed you some stitch patterns and i could not stop crocheting my favorite one, instead of squares i make strips to create a small blanket.

crochet stitch pattern

crochet stitch pattern


working with double threads of yarn make my fingers hurt. have you ever knitted or crocheted with two or more threads? i’m curious about your experiences, did you find it inconvenient, could you make beautiful/neat stitches, do you have a useful advice? 

hope you will write it down in a comment!


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13 thoughts on “scarf and projects in the works

  1. I love the scarf it looks so cozy and warm. I like the colour too, gray goes with just about everything! I like the ornaments you have been working on they are cute, are you going to be filling them with candy canes on your tree? nice work with all your works in progress!

  2. I just came by to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog the other day.

    And I realize, that I’ve been following you on pinterest for some time and even have some of your works as my favorites! Maybe I’ve been here on your site before, but now I’ve added you to my blog-roll and follow you on bloglovin, so I can follow your works more closely!

    It’s rarely to find crochet-blogs with your kind of aesthetic and creativity.

    Best wishes

  3. Sorry I cannot crochet and I have never tried knitting with more than one thread.

    I love your blanket stripes they look amazing together, that is a great idea to knit wide stripes less to join together than squares!

  4. Yes, I’ve used double thread, but I didn’t have any problems. Don’t you think it’s the texture of the yarn that causes the pain?

  5. Nice scarf!! I liked the striped blanket very much 🙂 I have used double thread when it is thin like size 10 or so. It was fine. I cannot use double thick yarns.

  6. I tried to use just one thread of yarn.

  7. Cosy looking scarf. I like the blanket stripes too 🙂 I’m still trying to develop my skills crocheting with one thread never mind two so no advice from me lol

  8. I especially like your scarf! Looks so comfortable and warm.

    I have no problems with my hands or fingers when crocheting with two or three threads.
    The only thing that annoys me is that the threads easily get tangled.
    I find it better to sit at a table, than on the couch where I usually sit, when crocheting with three threads.
    I can manage two threads sitting on the couch.
    I actually only have experience with rather thin yarns and had no problems with tension or uneven stitches.
    Unfortunately I have no useful advice …


  9. What a wonderful scarf!
    In my hometown in South Africa they also had hail this week and I saw photos – it was the size of cricket balls (no joke) – some weird weather we are having!
    Marigolds’ Loft

  10. your scarf is awesome : it’s simple and in a beautiful shade of grey!!!!
    What about your blanket to be???? Wonderful stripes!!!!
    In these days I’m working on a little tutorial and I’m using 2 yarns together. Being a very little project it’s not painful to work the threads together and I really love the final neat effect!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  11. Your scarf looks nice and cozy warm – pretty. I like your Christmas ornaments and blanket too. Your crochet work is always so nice. 🙂

  12. I have made blankets using 2 yarns together and also 3 yarns together! I used a very large hook with the 3 yarns and it was fine.. I had no issues.. Your things are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I haven’t done it with thread yet but with yarn it is okay if the yarn is soft , beautiful work 🙂