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crochet patchwork blanket


the patchwork blanket has been done for over a week, but here are finally the pictures.

the blanket is made of scarves and shawls and it feels very soft and comfortable, but i don’t think it is very pretty. it was a pleasurable project to do and i can imagine that it’s nice to create a blanket like this of family scarves, that – for example – can function as a warm rug for children to play on.

all the parts i sewed together, with visible stitches because i thought that suited the character of the blanket. before i sewed all the pieces together, i worked a row of half double crochets around some scarves. 



next to scarves i also used these sleeves. 

sleeves with cuffs and collar now part of patchwork blanket

first i disconnected the squares and then neatly sewn them back together and i had also two blocks left from this blanket

then it turned out i ran out of yarn and i bought two new balls.

the edge i kept as simple as possible but i’ve done quite a long time making it, because it took long before i was satisfied with the result.



because the parts of the blanket are made of very different stitch patterns, one part is much looser and more flexible than the other part.



if you like to make a blanket like this, it might be useful to know that it probably won’t be a neatly straight blanket. but i think it will feel comfortable like an old sweater that you love.

for a describtion of the stitch pattern with clusters click on this link


project is finished!

hope you will have a lovely weekend!


17 thoughts on “crochet patchwork blanket

  1. I love it, it looks so warm and snuggly! The uniqueness makes it wonderful x

  2. Te ha quedado muy bonita y es enorme.Saludos.Olga

  3. Your blanket looks so cosy, and I love all the neutral tones. Very subtle.

  4. Lovely blanket, I love the variety of stitch patterns and so the neutral color 🙂

  5. Such an amazing blanket – so big as well!! Great use of neutral colours!

  6. Wat een mooie deken is het geworden! Groetjes, Sandra

  7. What a great looking blanket! I started something similar – where I wanted a single color for all my blocks, but then I started over because I wanted to change the size.

  8. I love how all the different projects you put together were so compatible in color. It looks like you made it like that in one go, rather than in pieces.

  9. I love it!!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  10. Such a beautiful blanket.

  11. I think it is beautiful too, I guess we are our own harshest critic 🙂

  12. This work looks beautiful

  13. Erg leuk geworden. Zoveel verschillende patronen.
    Ik heb ooit een quilt gemaakt met oude kledingstukken van Mark en mij, oud linnengoed enz. Dit is de gehaakte variant. Is het niet geweldig al je oude creaties terug te zien in één deken?

  14. Heel, héél, mooi geworden!
    En ja, ik zou ook zo’n deken willen maken.
    Ik heb helaas geen sjaals of andere dingen die ik daarvoor zou kunnen gebruiken.
    Ik ga dus maar eens op zoek naar allerlei garen in wit, gebroken wit, naturel, beige etc.
    Je zegt dat je deken niet zo ‘neatly straight’ is, maar daar is op de foto’s niets van te zien!
    Mooi project.

  15. I love it what a great idea!