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have you worked hard on your creative projects the last few days?

i’ve done quite a lot in terms of crocheting. i have a cowl and a scarf almost finished, only the yarn ends needs to weave in and the buttons sewn on.

WIP cowl and scarf

i also tested a few stitch patterns, but as usual most of them i did not like, i mean the result of the pattern in combination with the yarn i work with.

here are two of them (see my pinterest board for links to more stitch patterns):


then i found another and with a minor modification i was happy with the look of it. since a few years i have a large pile of inexpensive acrylic yarn in my closet, i like to make something pretty of it. not sure exactly what yet, i have many other projects that are unfinished, like a few bags.

UPDATE: sorry i forgot to post this link to the stitch pattern. it is a diagram for a ‘stole with sleeves’ by gosyo. i have left out the picots to get this plain effect and i work with double theads.

stitch pattern test 3

stitch pattern test 3


in the meantime, i am still working on the small bowls because i have something in mind i like to make for christmas. i want to combine the mini bowls with a few things from last year and some beautiful cardboard tags.


yesterday i published an explanation of  how i have harden my crochet work, you might like to take a look there. a very brief explanation of how to crochet the mini bowls/baskets you can find there also.


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until next time!


8 thoughts on “crochet projects in the works

  1. oo I like the 2nd stitch pattern best I think but they’re all nice. I guess it depends on the finished result you want!

  2. I like the third pattern you have shown, its a very neat stitch. Those little bowls are very cute!!

  3. I completed some items for my daughters’ Halloween costumes. But since then I have not picked up my hook 😦

  4. So many projects! I always wanted to do a sample of stiches.

  5. You commented on my post that I’ve been busy but holy cow so have you! How do you find all that time to do all that?!

  6. ….another curious here!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. I’m courious about your mini bowls …

  8. Sounds like you’ve been busy. I really like the little bowls – they look nice. 🙂