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WIP: shawls, blanket and a ball


hello again, so nice of you to drop by!


last week i told you about my ‘secret project’ and thank you for your responses to it!

yarn for melange blanket

and yes it is going to be a blanket, some patchwork, let’s say my melange blanket


in the meanwhile i sewed all the shawls, scarves and squares together, after i first had crocheted a row of double crochets around some of them. it is washed, and now i’m working on the edge. 



and the tiny balls of yarn you can see in the first picture i tied together to make ​​this snowball i use for another project (the caramel-colored yarn i don’t use this time). but i’ll tell you more about it soon. 


to be continued…

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have a lovely day!

16 thoughts on “WIP: shawls, blanket and a ball

  1. very beautiful blanket it will be – I really like the bauble crochet pattern -are you able to share it or let me know where to find it thanks

    • Thank you Shiamala!
      I think your question is about the stitch pattern which looks bobble-ish? The shawl is from 2010 so I have to search and think, I will do my very best to find the pattern, but I can’t promiss you anything.

  2. Oh! This is amazing!! Can’t wait to see it finished !

  3. What a lovely blanket, great idea! I am intrigued by your ‘secret’ project 🙂

  4. Great idea, cannot wait to see it finished!

  5. It’s lovely! Very appropriate for winter!

  6. I just love the idea of a snowball created from scraps of white and off white yarn! It’s going to be fabulous and so unique!

  7. I love this idea to make a blanket! Great! Beautyful winter colours! Have a great week!

  8. Wow! This looks amazing!
    What a good idea!
    Beautiful winter colors.

  9. the blanket is simply amazing and lovely!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  10. Een patchwork deken. Geniaal! En origeneel.
    Was je moeder blij met haar deken? Domme vraag, natuurlijk was ze er blij mee.
    En dit keer een ´secret snowball project´. Je weet ons wel nieuwsgierig te houden. 🙂
    Groetjes vanuit zonnig! Ierland

  11. Such a romantic looking blanket.

  12. I simply adore your new blanket. The texture is amazing and I love the dreamy colours. Well done (again)!
    Have a lovely day, xhaafner

  13. All those photos look beautiful! Your blanket looks very fascinating and beautiful!

  14. That’s such a fantastic idea! Can’t wait to see the end of it.