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work in progress: three projects


nice to see you again!

we are already halfway through the week and it is time for some work in progress:)


since last week, the bedspread has grown 


my new handbag / shopper has a few more details


and i started a gray bag.

it was my intention to make an adult and smaller version of the storage bag and i thought i knew the stitch pattern from memory….. not.

so the bag looks somewhat different than intended, but i just leave it this way. and because the bag looks different, i wanted to make the top different too, but it doesn’t look pretty. 

to be continued. 


how about your projects?

joining this party: 


love to see you next time!



7 thoughts on “work in progress: three projects

  1. I love the grey bag – write down the pattern this time! And hte blanket is progressing nicely!

  2. Jeetje Andrée, je bent een echte eenvrouws haakfabriek. 😉 Die handen van jou verrichten wonderen.
    Er is weer heel wat moois in wording.

  3. i love both bags and your blanket is coming out nicely!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  4. Wow, you are working sooo hard … Lovely blanket, love the pattern of the grey bag! Have a good weekend! Sabine.

  5. love your projects!!! 🙂

  6. Prachtige projecten weer… Voor de kleurencombi grijs, poederroze, wit en zwart val ik bovendien altijd als een blok. 😉
    Haak ze, fijne dag, xh

  7. Oh you are so busy!! I cant have many active WIPs, I am no good at organising my time between them he he