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storage bag with fishes tutorial


finally here is the tutorial for the storage bag

used stitches (american english terms)
ch = chain
ss = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
h dc = half double crochet 
dc = double crochets
2dctog = 2 double crochets together
used materials  
for this project you can use the type of yarn with matching crochet hook you like to use. i used yarn that is no longer available because it has been removed from the collection,  it is of scheepjes (a dutch label) from their collection of a few years ago with crochet hook size 4.0 mm.
before you start, please read these notes:
to create the bottom of the bag you can use the tutorial for crocheting in the round, here is the link to it
unless described otherwise, throughout making the bag you end and start a row as described in that tutorial, even after you have stopped increasing, and it applies to all types of stitches you use. 
it goes like this:
  • end each row with a slip stitch into the first stitch
  • make a chain
  • start the next row by crocheting the first stitch into the same stitch you have made the slip stitch in
  • forget the chain
  • continue
the bottom of my bag has a diameter of 34 cm, from that point i stopped increasing the number of stitches. 
after you have made the bottom you can continue with crocheting the body of the bag.

bottom storage bag



row 1. single crochets
rows 2-5. single crochets into the back loops only
row 6. double crochets into both loops
row 7. single crochets into the back loops only
row 8. repeat row 6
row 9. repeat row 7
row 10. repeat row 6
row 11. repeat row 7
row 12. repeat row 6
row 13.  repeat row 7
row 14. repeat row 6
row 15. repeat row 7
storage bag stitch pattern 
rows 16-19. repeat rows rows 2-5.
repeat a. and b. until you think you bag has the height you like it to have, my bag is about 35 cm high.
end with b.
rows 20-21. singles crochets into both loops.
finish off.

top of the bag and handles

storage bag by elisabeth andrée

lay down your bag flat and measure at both sides the starting and ending points of the handles, mark the points for example with contrasting colored yarn or paper clips. 
  1. attach the yarn onto the starting point of the first handle, make 1 sc into the same stitch and crochet chains until you have the desired length for the handle, remember the number of chains. the handles of my bag measure approximately 39 cm. make 1 sc into the ending point (that you have measured). crochet sc until the beginning point of the second handle and repeat what you did for making the first handle. end with a slip stitch into the first sc.
  2. 1 ch, make around the chains of the first handle – not into the chains – 2dctog as many you need to create a usable handle and 1 sc at the end of the handle, make slip stitches until you reach the second handle, repeat making 2dctog as you did for the first handle, make slip stitches and end with a ss into the first stitch, don’t fasten off.
    handles of storage bag
  3. lay down flat your bag with the handles together and measure at both sides of the bag the points where you like to have the ties to close the bag.
  4. crochet slip stitches all around the top of the bag including the handles, but at the points for the ties you crochet chains until you have about 16 cm then crochet slip stitches into the chains back to the top of the bag, continue with slip stitches around the top, end with a ss into the first stitch, fasten off and weave in yarn ends. 
  5. between the handles you crochet 1 row of ss, for the ties you do the same as described at 4, fasten off and weave in yarn ends. 

storage bag detail: ties


water plant with leaves
this is an example of how to make a ‘water plant’ if you like to see more options, please check here.
  • crochet chains and make leaves where ever you like.
  • to make a leaf you need 6 chains and you work under two loops: 1ss into the 2nd ch from hook, 1 h dc, 1 dc, 1 h dc, 1 ss.  
  • if the branch is long enough you work all the way back to the first ch making slip stitches into all the stitches working under 1 loop.
  • sew the branch onto your bag, i have my plant sewn over the ‘scar’ of the bag and partly onto one handle.
fishes, eyes and bubbles

bubbles on storage bag

for the fishes i used these patterns:
for the eyes i made french knots, this is a tutorial if you like to make eyes like these too.
for the bubbles you make 2 ch, 6 sc into the 2nd chain from hook, finish off.
sew fishes and bubbles onto your bag.
if desired, you can provide your bag with a liner and your bag is done.



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