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here i am again! sorry it took a while before i wrote this post. i hope it goes very well with you,  i’m doing fine!

thanks for  your good advice i received in response to my previous post. for those who thought i no longer like blogging, i enjoy doing it, i really do. 
as for a better use of my time and energy, if i put everything in a nutshell it is a matter of focusing on 1. crocheting and 2. blogging, 3. decrease the tempo and reduce the time being busy with related activities. i have stopped the ability to write comments at some older posts. it takes me a lot of time and too much energy to try to explain patterns (which i don’t have (anymore))  from years ago. believe me, i like to tell about what i crochet and if i manage to write the pattern down i will and i really, really love to share patterns/tutorials with crafters who are interested. 
thanks again for thinking with me!


i also wrote about a day trip. thursday the 12th my cousin renée and i went for the afternoon to stichting aap = foundation aap, for a program including a tour especially for donators – for quite a number of years i save my air miles for them. because of my hearing problems i was unable to follow in detail what our guide told but i thought it was nice to be there. below you can see a few pictures.
and here are two links to their website which is available in dutch, english, german, spanish and french (see top right on the homepage)
  • stichting aap is een europees opvangcentrum voor uitheemse dieren. de dieren die bij ons terecht komen zijn afkomstig van de illegale handel, proefdierlaboratoria, circussen, louche dierentuinen of rechtstreeks van particulieren.
  • aap is a european rescue centre and sanctuary for primates and other exotic mammals. based in the netherlands, we house animals from all over europe. they have been confiscated, abandoned or offered by private owners as a result of illegal trade, were being exhibited in illegal zoos or used in biomedical research or the entertainment industry.



also i was lucky, the weird birthmark appeared to contain no malignant cells, the stitches are removed and that was that.

about crocheting

the little cousin of my neighbor I had promised a garland with cars and I kept that promise.
if you like to crochet little cars too, here is the link to the tutorial
little cars garland
i am still working on five bags which are almost finished but two need to be provided with a liner, more about them soon and also on a larger project, but that i keep a secret for now. in between i have made ​​another pot hanger of which i wanted the colors match the prints on the wall and i think that’s succeeded.
that is it for this moment, i hope to see you soon here or elswhere on the ‘interwebs’:)

enjoy your week!


P.S. and sometimes i see this message on my blog, let’s hope they keep it civilized;) i have no idea what kind of ads they show.

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8 thoughts on “a medley of things

  1. Oh, your little cars are gorgeous!!

  2. Glad to hear that your medical worries were unfounded! Nice to read your posts again – reminds me that I must try harder, but life has been soooo busy lately, but it should calm down now.

    Bimbi x

  3. Good to hear from you!! Those cars look very sweet and attractive !!:)

  4. Hi Andrée,
    good to hear from you again!
    And good to hear that you are doing fine.
    I like your pot hanger! I think it is really a splendid idea.
    Would you think you could use a hanger like this with a waxine candle in it? Or would there be a risk of fire?

    I also like your prints on the wall!
    Have a good week!

    • Hi Estella,
      Thanks for your response.
      I have thought about putting a (small) candle in it, but it’s really too dangerous. I know you’re pretty handy, so you might pick some chains at a DIY store and use it instead of a crocheted version.
      Thanks for liking my prints, I really admire Lucienne Day for her designs, she was really great!
      Hope your week is a good one too!

  5. Fijn dat je weer een blogberichtje schreef (en blijf vooral je eigen tempo bepalen —-)! En nog fijner: een goede uitslag na het verwijderen van die moedervlek. Alles wordt een stuk relatiever in tijden van spanning rond je gezondheid, toch?

  6. Nice to have you back Andree’!!!!
    happy to hear that you don’t have to worry anymore about your birthmark!!!! yuppie!!!!
    Love the pics of your plant holder!!!!
    see you soon, xxxxx Ale

  7. It’s good to see you back. I love the little cars bunting – it’s perfect for a little boy. And I really like the plant hanger – very pretty. 🙂