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thanks for visiting!

for a short time i blogged a bit less, actually only because i spent way too much time behind my computer during the last months: answering questions, (re)visiting bloggers who had written a comment on my blog, following bloggers via my reader, facebook, pinterest or mail, participating in linky parties. and this enumeration does not include the time needed writing my own posts, writing patterns,  taking pictures and editing them. what can i remove from my list? i have no idea, but i know this is not good for my health. do you have some good advice, please write it in a comment, then other bloggers can read it also.

and there is also our real world/life. since last week i have a few stitches because a strange looking birthmark is removed and being examined, it takes another week waiting for the results. but if all goes well this week i have a lovely day trip on thursday, about which i will fill a post so you can see the pictures.


about crochet 

saturday the neighbor and i were talking about neighbor things and her little nephew came into the garden. he seemed to love cars (what little boy does not love cars?) and i gave him the crochet garland with cars. then it turned out he has a brother of about the same age, so i quickly promised that i will crochet a similar garland for him too:)

what else did i do?

i finally made ​​a plant hanger, something i wanted to crochet for a long time.
(click on the pictures for a larger size)


and there are also bags in the making (made freehand, no pattern available).

two bags in progress by elisabeth andrée


what you can expect soon (not this week) is the tutorial for the storage bag with the little fishes. the tutorial for the picnic blanket i have to finish too, but i lost my notes so i must try to describe it based on my photographs and the blanket itself. the tutorial for the squares is already published, here is the link to the pattern.

there were two requests in response to the happy sleeves and about that i will post too but at this point i can not tell exactly when.


that’s it for today.

i wish you a fantastic week!


26 thoughts on “time and a plant hanger

  1. I have the same problem, I love visiting blogs but sometimes I have no time. I decided to reduce and follow only those who I most like, people that come and visit without me always being the first, etc.
    Keeping my finger crossed, I would like to hug you for real.

  2. I love the idea! I saw hanging cacti this weekend at a market and though of hooking something simiar for the Teens Room or Kitchen! Those bags are pretty too. xxxx

  3. I honestly don’t know how people can spend so much time in the bloggy world…..I usually read and comment on blogs one or two days a week, and I post whenever I feel like posting.

    Your bags look really good and very simple looking 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Hazel.
      Everyone has his or her own schedule with his or her own activities, but sometimes some adjustment is necessary (as with me now). Many bloggers will agree, a well maintained blog is time consuming and labor intensive. That is why they spend much time in blog land:)
      Thanks again!

  4. Your health and sanity is of utmost importance. I You are very kind to reach out to people and respond-but take care of you first!

  5. Hi Andrée,
    I hope that the results of the examination will be reassuring.
    And I hope that you can make out for yourself were your borders lie.
    I think that everyone will understand that there are different aspects of life that all need attention at some time.
    Lots of good advice above, there are undoubtedly some tips that will work for you.

    (In the mean time I am curious to see the grey bag when it is finished ;-))
    Take care! Estella

  6. You probably noticed I have not blogged for weeks and that is simply because life intervened and priorities changed. That happens and that is fine. In that time I have not stopped reading my bloglist. I have also carried on creating.
    Maybe try to do the things you love and feel are more important and beneficial at the moment and limit your computer time by setting an alarm and when that is up close the lid.
    If you get a lot of the same questions you could write a blogpost at some point instead of answering them immediately. Short mails I would answer straight away, because otherwise you may feel overwhelmed when you look at your inbox. It’s like a desk with too much paper on it!
    We’re all happy to see you carry on blogging and if that is only once a week, once a fortnight it doesn’t matter. I, for one, love reading your blog!

    Bimbi x

  7. Ja, je hebt het er wel druk mee. Maar het is ook wel weer een inspiratie voor heel veel mensen. Ik merk dat ik soms ook te lang blijf ‘hangen’ hier en daar. Sterkte met wachten, hopelijk niets om je zorgen over te maken. En benieuwd waar je uitje naar toe gaat… 🙂 Groetjes, Sandra

  8. Hi Elisabeth, I don’t use to comment much cause time is not enough for everything, but I suggest that as you have so many people asking questions, you should create a day of the month to answer all the questions, starting for those you are common to most people. That´s an idea!
    And first of all, do what you like most!
    Have a nice time crocheting and hope your birthmark is not a big issue.

  9. Much as I love crochet and your blog, it is just crochet. Your family, health and life’s “stuff” really are more important. If you are happy and healthy, the blog and your crocheting will be even better (if that’s possible:)

  10. I know what you mean with the crochet, blogging, photos, replying, reading and life getting too much. Maybe you can set aside one day a week to reply to email and comments. That way you don’t have to stress yourself out about replying immediately because you know you will get to it eventually. Worst case is that someone has to wait 6 days for you to reply, but that’s okay. You have a real life too.

  11. Lovely! A plant hanger is on my to do list as well. I’m afraid I don’t have a solution for your time management problem – I’m not very good at it myself. 😉
    I hope the results next week will be fine.
    Enjoy your day trip!

  12. Had you thought about changing your settings so that comments are closed for old posts? This might reduce the number of comments to reply too.

    • Hello Lucie,
      Thanks for the suggestion. For two old posts I turned off the comment option, but maybe I could do that for more posts. By the way, I do not mind to answer questions and explain patterns at all, but it has simply become too much.

  13. I love the dark blue stripy bag….a lot!!!!!!
    My advice is not different from Coline’s! I take the needed time for my posts (photos included) firstly, then I try to read the blogs I really like and I try to answer to all the bloggers that write to me, even just to say a simple thank you! All the rest can wait : I have a real life, too!!!!!
    love, xxxxx Ale

  14. Love the bags 🙂
    Re blogging: When I need to step away from the computer I focus on creating my blog posts a d then, if I have the time, I read others’ posts. I tend to concentrate on those readers who often comment on mine. Then, if I have the time, I move into those whom I do not know as well yet. Hope this helps.