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good to see you!

it is wednesday and it is time to tell you that i started two new projects, a baby blanket at the request of my former neighbor and a bag as a gift for friends with a baby.

baby blanket and bag

baby blanket and storage bag in the works

baby blanket

my former neighbors expect their first child within the next few weeks and she would like to have a blanket that is modern, baby blue and boyish. i hope this simple stitch pattern of phildar yarn called cabotine, will fulfill this wish. i will add some other shades too, to spice it up a little bit.


storage bag

the bag will be a storage bag and for this project i found suitable yarn on the local market. it is of scheepjes (a dutch label) from their collection of only a few years ago, but i think it still looks lovely.

storage bag for baby room

storage bag for baby room


both yarns are a mix of acrylic and cotton. 


and now you’re up to date of my crochet activities:)

which projects keep you busy?

19 thoughts on “baby things

  1. Oh, Andrée! Your crochet is always so nice and it grows so quickly!

  2. Très jolies couleurs pastels pour la couverture!….et en plus c’est vrai tu as raison! 😉
    plus c’est simple et plus c’est beau!….j’adore ! 😉 tu me donneras le modèle stp???… et pour le sac aussi??…ps:je suis une nouvelle de crochet et de tout ce qui se fait !!….et pour le moment tout ce que je vois me plait énormément ! :)…

  3. I’m not too fond of pastels but the blanket is really lovely.

  4. Gorgeous blanket. Love the colours for the bag.
    Enjoy hooking these up.

  5. Great projects!
    The yarn for the blanket is a good choice: it looks really comfortable.

  6. Your projects are always so lovely, your gifts are beautiful I hope they are treasured.

  7. love your projects x

  8. LOVE the bag. Really beautiful colours.

  9. That storage bag is going to be huge!

  10. Lovely modern colours. They will be truly loved.

  11. What is the pattern you used for the baby blanket? I like it and it looks nice and simple.

    • Hello Jennifer,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      I will try to explain the pattern later this week, I need time to write it down:) Hopefully I can publish it on Friday or next week.

  12. aw your former neighbours are very lucky to be getting such thoughtful gifts 🙂

  13. What a nice simple baby pattern – I think that’s best. And yes, it strikes me as modern in that kind of porcelain blue. Hope all goes well with the birth – aren’t babies more fun when they’re someone else’s?

  14. Both are great projects! I have been working on a similar bag for a couple of months. I really need to get it done!

  15. what a lovely blanket and bag! way to go! 🙂

  16. Both of your projects are looking nice. I believe the new parents will be happy with them. 🙂