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lately i have a bit too much on my mind and i think that is why i need simple projects without any hassles.

so i have looked at my yarn stash and selected these.


small blanket

the yellow yarn is phildar named coton micro fibers, which i bought a few years ago on the local market for 50 cents per ball.

the gray yarn i bought not long ago and is phil coton 3 also phildar.


it might be a bit boring for you, but again i made these squares. this time with a simple gray border and i crochet them together with the help of this tutorial.

i have never seen such a flat seam, especially the back is surprisingly flat (see pictures below). the method works a little awkward, but i’m happy with the result.

another 3 seams to go and then i can start on the edge.




this yarn is also from of my stash and i have ordered a few balls of the same yarn in two other shades.

punto yarn

it is the same type of yarn i used for the apricot bag.

the coming time i like to crochet small squares during breaks until i have a big pile. 

it is almost the same as a traditional granny square, but now i work the double crochets of the second row on the sides between the stitches and in the corners 2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc.

if  times are a little calmer, i can restart my more complex projects.


how are you, do you have enough time and tranquility to work on your creative projects?


you can take a look at the work of other creative people here:


8 thoughts on “easy projects

  1. I’m feeling the same about having too much on my mind. Yes, projects must be simple and easy. Squares are always lovley. Have a nice week.

  2. really love your granny square!!!
    I’m trying to simplify my crochet, too, because in few days we are leaving for our summer holidays (in Italy) and I can’t work with challenging patterns….my mind is at the beach right now!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. thanks for linking the joining method, will have to have a look at that later. I like the colour combinations you’ve chosen 🙂

  4. Dank je wel voor de link naar een nieuwe ‘joining’ methode. Ziet er mooi uit!
    En de groen-rode vierkantjes zijn ook leuk: het midden lijkt op een zonnetje, door tussen de steken door te haken.

    Aan ingewikkelde projecten werk ik ook niet. Zo zie ik mezelf nog niet zo gauw een tas haken zoals jij dat laatst deed: zonder patroon en met allerlei slimme details! Eerst m’n zomersjaal, die is nog niet lang genoeg. Makkelijk en maar 1 kleur.

  5. Like you, my life is not very tranquil at the moment and creativity suffers. It’s nice to do small and easy things in between though.

    Bimbi x

  6. Always good to have an easy project to turn too – one that doesn’t require pattern following or counting.
    Mindless crochet, I call it!

  7. Love your yellow and grey combination.

    I never have enough time for the projects I have planned because of my job, but I also know that getting out and about with people gives my life some balance. So I am often surprised by what I do manage to do in my evenings.

  8. Wat een geweldige tutorial om de squares mooi plat met elkaar te verbinden! Bedankt voor de tip, ik ben er echt blij mee en ga hier zeker gebruik van maken!