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old crochet patterns


perhaps recognizable to you, old patterns intrigue me.

with much pleasure i have tried some because they are good material to practice my skills.

next to that they are available for free and again, it’s fun to make them. 

see earlier post here: old patterns with new yarn

but today i saw something on freevintage.com that i could not estimate whether it was beautiful or not.

it sure doesn’t look very modern…

daisy chair set pattern – free vintage crochet pattern from star variety show, book no. 21.

next to me on my desk was a hook and some leftover yarn and …. voila, what do you think?

beautiful, isn’t it?! i think it is a nice motif to try with thicker yarn too.



you might also like to test patterns and have leftover yarn or yarn that you have used for other projects and which can be reused. tip for a rainy day!

here are the links to my pinterest boards for vintage patterns, i hope you find something to your liking.

have a lovely weekend!


13 thoughts on “old crochet patterns

  1. I love vintage patterns too. This one is beautiful!

  2. When a friend said to me today that crochet reminds her of her early teenage years in the seventies, I told her that SHE was oldfashioned (not me). Obviously she has missed something. 😉

  3. I am fascinated by your skill in crocheting and ability in finding always new (old as well) patterns or the way you make them look modern and appealing. Little by little you changed my view on crochet that I thought was only granny squares shawls as they were in fashion in the ’60…

  4. It’s a wonderful resource! Thanks so much for sharing it Andrée 🙂 Kx

  5. thank you for sharing!!! In here we have a lot of rain…!!!!! ;oD
    happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  6. This is a great pattern – I was looking at a vintage flower pattern for a cushion (it has been on mind for a while) and I may have found it! thanks for sharing!

  7. It is a beautiful motif. I think you are right with a thicker yarn, it will look lovely!

  8. Ooeeeee I’m looking for an “open” flowery square like his to try something!

  9. Some friends just discovered your strings necklace. I tried to find pattern. Is it yours? They are so pretty.

  10. I think it’s a very pretty motif. Going to have a look at your Pinterest board now.

  11. Het motiefje is mooi, maar verwerkt in een ‘chair set’ zie je eigenlijk helemaal niet hoe mooi het is.

    Met dikker garen en minder bij elkaar komt het motief vast veel beter uit.
    Misschien in meerdere kleuren…

    Leuk, die ‘vintage’-patronen!

  12. Bedankt voor de linken! Het is zeker een mooi patroontje, om eindeloos mee te variëren. Die ouderwetse patronen zijn super hoor:)