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my good blogfriend bimbi asked me if this cushion cover is complicated to make.

not really:)

this is not a pattern but only an explanation, i hope it is clear enough.
some notes
  • note 1: when creating this cover it is – if you want to know my opinion – important that you neatly weave in the yarn ends at any color change.
    if you need a tutorial for this, at the bottom of this post you will find some links.
  • note 2: don’t mind the colors but do you see the difference? the cushion cover i crocheted with hook size 3 mm, the new block with 4 mm. same yarn but the stitches look less neat, but the square is more elastic and feels softer. that’s also a choice you can make.

  • note 3: just for your information: the center of my cushion cover starts with a square of which i do not remember the pattern and therefore i do not show it but for this post i have used this pattern instead.
    again, don’t mind the colors, it is only intended as a reference.
  • note 4: my cover is made of catania yarn
how to 
  • finish every row with weaving in the ends.
  • a. for this cover you can start with any square as long a row at one point becomes the granny stitch or you start with the classic granny square with 1 ch between the groups of 3 dc between the corners and 3 dc, 3 ch, 3 dc in the corners (please look at the pictures).
  • b. attach a different color yarn in any corner, make 1 sc, 3 ch and 1 sc all in the same space, 3 ch and 1 sc into the next 1 ch space.
    to make a long story short, in every corner you make 1 sc, 3 ch, 1 sc, in all the 1 ch spaces 1 sc and between all the spaces you crochet 3 ch.
  • the next row is again the granny stitch.
    this makes sense, right?
  • c. make your cushion cover as large or small as you like, mine is 50 cm wide and high.
  • d. place the two parts with the right sides facing each other and crochet them together – except for the top – the same way as mentioned at point b.
    this time you work on the wrong sides and through the spaces of front and back.


    cushion cover by elisabeth andrée

    do you see the seam?


  • e. crochet a long chain that you can use to braid through the openings in the top.
    it is similar to this cushion cover.

    cushion cover closure

    cushion cover closure

here are some links to info you might like!
click on the photo for the pattern.
free pattern on lionbrand: great lengths afghan

free pattern on lionbrand: great lengths afghan (login required)

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purl bee
enjoy and keep crocheting!

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15 thoughts on “on request: info about cover

  1. Hi Elisabeth,

    I love this blanket. The white has a nice contrast with the other colours.

    Nice job!!

  2. Great use of colour to achieve this gorgeous effect. With simple stitches.
    Enjoy your pretty colours.

  3. To a non crocheter it does look complicated. I love the lime green that you use!

  4. Your close ups do this cushion more justice than before. I love the colours coming through. I didn’t notice them previously.

  5. Love the shoe lace closure! Genius!!

  6. Love the cushion, thanks for the explanations!

  7. I love the colours you are using – it is the most beautiful I have seen in this pattern so far. The cover closure is genius!

  8. Thanks for that. That’s really good. I think those splashes of colour in between are so interesting and I finally understand how that works.

    Bimbi x

  9. Really effective use of colour, thanks for sharing.

  10. Great tips, Elisabeth!

  11. I love these stitches, when chain stitches alternate with double crochets. Lovely connections between both sides of the cushion cover. Happy sunday for you! Sabine.