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how to make a filet crochet scarf


a while back i saw a pattern for a bolero designed by gosyo, click on the picture or the link to go to post on their website.

especially the stitch pattern i think is very beautiful.

currently i am making a scarf with the pattern, but unfortunately i do not have enough yarn to also crochet the elegant points at the short ends of the scarf, that was my intention.

the yarn i work with i have bought in 2010 or 2011 and is of the same type as the yarn i used for the candy color scarf.
it consists of 50% viscose (bamboo) and 50% acrylic. 
at the time i did not know that this yarn – the viscose/bamboo – is bad for the environment and for the people involved in the production process. that means no new balls for me but only use the ones i have in my stash (3 balls).


back to my scarf
  • if you like to make this scarf too, you can download the pattern here
  • google translate can help or scroll down this page for more info
  • and this is the direct link to the pdf: diagram/chart – you need the chart on page 1
  • concerning the type of yarn, i think a not too thin and somewhat fluffy yarn gives the best effect.


how to make
  • what i have done is as follows: i have crocheted chains until i had the width that i wanted, and then i started crocheting the stitch pattern
  • i had only a few chains left and those i have disconnected
  • after two of the three balls of yarn i started with crocheting on the other side of the beginning chains
  • the chart on page 2 tells you also how to make the wavy edges straight.
  • note: ignore the second last row on the chart and crochet the last row, adjusted to the last row of your scarf. (detail of chart 212ss:04 gosyo)


now i just need to figure out how to make a neat finish on the long sides of the scarf with almost no yarn left.

to be continued …

my crochet filet scarf is finished, see here


10 thoughts on “how to make a filet crochet scarf

  1. Inderdaad een mooi patroon!
    Ik was op zoek naar een patroon voor een filetsjaal en heb het nu net uitgeprobeerd.
    In het begin dacht ik dat ik iets niet goed deed, maar nu zie ik dat het goed komt.
    Hoe groot is de haaknaald die jij gebruikt?

    • Hallo Estella,

      Wat leuk dat je het ook hebt geprobeerd, ik vind het een fijn patroon om te haken. Inderdaad is het even opletten bij de eerste toeren, maar daarna is het appeltje eitje – nou ja, vind ik:)

      Ik heb haaknaald 4.0 mm gebruikt en op het label van het garen staat 2,5-3,5mm. De sjaal valt mooi soepel en is lekker zacht, maar jammer genoeg iets te kort omdat het garen op was.
      Ben benieuwd naar jouw versie!


  2. Looks like a lovely pattern. And it’s perfect if you can use up some stash yarn too 🙂

  3. Wat een leuk patroon, dank je wel. Zeker iets om uit te proberen. Ben benieuwd hoe het afloopt… Groetjes, Sandra

  4. This is beautiful, I printed the pattern of the jacket,, just in case I am caught by a crocheting fever!

  5. I think the scarf is pretty and I like the hue of orange that you’ve chosen!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  6. Lovely 🙂 It has a great architectural look to it, doesn’t it? Kx

  7. Another lovely piece! That looks really lovely. Do you have plans to crochet the jacket too?

    Bimbi x