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second chance: cushion cover



thank you for your comments on my problem with the cushion cover for my mother, you’re sweet blogfriends:)!

if you are interested in the subject and the useful information, you can scroll down to the comments on this blog post 

my solution

i detached the cushion parts and the front i have blocked again.

then i made a new back with thin stripes at irregular distances.

cushion cover

the ‘strings’ for the closure i made slightly longer than the first time and voila, it looks better to my opinion.


the square at the front is not perfectly straight, but after all it is not concrete, it runs along with the bumps of the pillow.

so i’m more satisfied with it and this way i can give it to my mother.


in addition, when i was making the cover, i started a new row after each color change in a different corner to avoid the problem. alas.

but what caused the problem i think, is attaching together front and back both not completely straight, and also not exactly equal in size.

anyway, learned something again.

a few different things
  1. someone asked about the tutorial for the yellow picnic blanketi promise, as soon as i have time i will finish the tutorial and publish it on my blog.
  2. later this week i will post info about a scarf i’m working on and
  3. i have been asked for an explanation on another cushion cover. well, it is a bit busy this week, but with a little luck
    i manage to write an explanation and post it.
keep an eye on my blog!
have a lovely week!



10 thoughts on “second chance: cushion cover

  1. It looks great – good work on figuring it out. 🙂

  2. I love the new thin stripe back and I’m happy that you managed to straighten things out. Well done you.

  3. I checked your other post and your cushion is definitely looking much better!

  4. Looks even better now. I like the stripy inner cushion too.

  5. So lovely Andrée! Nice work 🙂 Kx

  6. The stripes are a great idea, the cushion looks very good. i like your choice of colors too, the white makes everything pop.

  7. It loks great! The stripes are perfect 🙂

    • YES, I just thought of the perfect solution!! You keep it in srait pins, safety pins or something to help you keep it together, then, you take a needle with like or same colored thread. You sew it together by hand!!