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hello, nice to see you again!

last week i worked on a cushion cover for my mother.

mid-june is her birthday (she becomes 82 years) and i want to give her a personal gift.

this is the result.

cushion for mom

there is a problem with it and maybe you can help me, but first i will tell you more about the cover.


years ago i was practicing with crocheting and i tried all kinds of patterns, a part of it, i have showed you in this blog post: testing

i kept everything because i thought i could use it for creating something else. if you look at the top and the fourth picture on that page, you probably recognize the squares that are now the centers of the new cover.

cushion for mom cushion for mom

with the different colors i have crocheted intuitively, one side with more variety of stitches and the other simpler with almost only double crochets. 

and i have sewn an inside cover made of a fabric with soft colored stripes.



i have separately blocked the two sides but the problem is that – now front and back are attached to each other – the squares on both sides are off balance, i do not get the lines straight. i see this more often on photos of others and i must admit i’m not a huge fan of lines diagonally if they actually have to be straight (i do like diagonal lines but only if that is the intention).

do you have experiences with this issue and know a solution, please, please be kind and let me know.

cushion cover for mom by elisabeth andrée


hope you like the pictures anyway and if you like to see more creative projects click on links below.

wish you a great weekend! until next time!



22 thoughts on “cushion cover

  1. Very lovely cushion cover and I liked the colors you have used 🙂 your mom will love it !!

  2. Beautiful cushion! What about reblocking the whole thing again? Even if it means you have to block the two sides at the same time, lying on top of each other (because you probably don’t want to undo the sides).

  3. I see this on granny squares mostly – I have no idea why they tilt like they do. I agree with ‘crochetime’ – maybe another blocking might help. 🙂

  4. I was thinking the same : block (gain!) them together!!!! …and good luck!!!!
    btw, I love this huge cushion!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  5. Absolutely lovely. Sorry I can’t be of any help with the tilting lines.

  6. Hello Andrée,

    (I will write this in English so more people can understand.)
    A very beautiful cover again!
    When I saw the last picture I noticed, before I read your text, the problem of the “tilting rows” and it rang a bell…
    I once read that someone argued that when you are crocheting a granny you should always turn your work.
    I forgot the reason why. I presume that it has something to do with the tension of the thread.
    You can look at http://www.yarnoverpullthrough.com/granny-square-leans-to-the-right

    Maybe this is the solution to your problem.

    Have a nice weekend!


    • Hello Estella,

      Thanks for your response and the link. It has to do with tension (I think), you work whole the time into one direction and stitches never stands exactly above each other.
      For a granny square you can turn at the end of each row, but for another kind of square like mine with a clear front and back it is a bit trickier. But turn sometimes and work on the other side is always possible.
      Anyway it is a link with useful information to prevent your work will skew, for me it is not a solution because the two halves are finished.

      Thanks for the information and a very lovely weekend!

  7. Hello Andrée,

    I found another thing that might cause the problem: too many chains, either in the corners or between the stitches.
    See: http://www.crochetville.com/community/topic/126007-saggy-warped-granny-squares/


  8. Really lovely cushions! I wouldn’t worry so much about perfect blocking, in my experience once these cushions are put to use, they never stay perfectly aligned. But you can always try to block them again.

  9. Wonderful colors, will make a lovely gift. Maybe the problem won’t be so noticeable once it’s be ‘leaned or sat on’ a bit!

  10. I don’t know enough about crochet to answer. What I can tell you is that my crochet always leans in one direction and the other day I came across a pattern where the final row was crocheted in reverse – that is left to right, rather than my usual right to left – and that really straightened out the edges. I found a YouTube video on how to do it here, in case it helps:

  11. Ik kan me voorstellen dat het je stoort maar het doet niet af van het feit dat het een pracht kussen is. En ik denk dat je moeder er sowieso blij mee zal zijn. Het is met liefde gemaakt en dat is wat telt.
    Ik kan nog zo oud worden, maar mijn maaksels zijn in de ogen van mijn moeder nog steeds net zo perfect als de eerste tekening die ik thuisbracht van school. 🙂
    En bij het volgende kussen gebruik je de tips die je nu hebt gekregen en wordt het een perfect vierkant kussen. Je kunt dan altijd nog de kussens omruilen. )
    Geniet lekker van het weekend. Wij hebben hier in Ierland een lang weekend en gaan weer op ontdekkingstocht in het westen van het land.

  12. Thank you all for your comments and help, I really really appreciate it!
    Have a lovely weekend full of sunshine!

  13. I think it came out beautiful and that your mom will love it! If the lines bother you, I would try reblocking the sides even while still attached. But even if you don’t, she is sure to be overjoyed 🙂

  14. She will love it, nice colours! No idea how to solve the problems though.
    I also really love the one behind in the first picture. Beautiful effect! Is it difficult?
    Bimbi x

    • Hello Martina,
      Thanks for your comment:)
      Regarding your question: not at all. It does require that you work neatly to get it beautiful.
      I write an explanation and will soon publish it on my blog.

  15. Your mum will love it just as it is – unique and made with love by her kind daughter x

  16. Your covers are beautiful. I agree with the other comment writers that the trick is to turn but as you say this can lead to its own problems. Did you start from a different corner with each new colour? I have found that this helps. I don’t think blocking fixes this particular issue but primarily I would like to say that it really is a fantastic cushion.

  17. I do see the ‘problem’. But i do not know enough about it to be of any help. So wonderful to read all the advise given… I really like the stripy inside cover – it looks so nice together and makes it extra special. Have a lovely week, Anette