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yellow picnic blanket


nice to see you again!
now i have enough yarn, i can continue working on my yellow picnic blanket and the accompanying tutorial.

yellow block

about the blocks blanket i have no news, the buttons i still haven’t sewn on, but i will soon (i hope). i started another project and about that i will post shortly.
until then!
warm and friendly greetings to you from a cold but sunny netherlands.


yellow picnic blanketyellow picnic blanket



20 thoughts on “yellow picnic blanket

  1. Oh my God, this is industrial production! And so pretty!
    I found your new blog at last, congratulations: it looks easier to read, a wise move.

  2. Yellow is my favourite color:) waiting to see your blanket completed .

  3. Love the blanket! It screams sunshine, and hello spring!

  4. Wow! That is bright and cheery! Perfect time to work on it as Spring is just around the corner.

  5. mmm, that lovely lemon yellow is so refreshing!

  6. What a happy color–I’m crocheting ‘A’ granny square blanket for a new baby.

  7. I can see the sunshine already!
    Bimbi x

  8. YAY for more yellow! I’m so glad you’re able to continue as planned with this. I really like the way the colors work together and it would have been a shame to have to re-route your project.

  9. wonderful blanket, such a beautiful colour!

  10. I love that yellow! So cheerful!

  11. Loving those colours!

  12. This looks very sunny, wonderful colour for a picnic blanket 😀

  13. Finishing the blanket, you have always the sun with you. It’s the best you can do to welcome Spring (if it will come this year) or better the Summer. I admire your patience to do such a lot of equal squares! But they’re great! Happy Easter!

  14. Ongelooflijk hoe snel jij kunt haken!
    Zal mooi zijn op een grasveld. En inderdaad: sitting on sunshine…

  15. Jee, wat ga je snel met de dekens. Past goed bij pasen, die kleur! Groetjes, Sandra

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous blanket, good work!

  17. You will be sitting on sunshine when you take that on your picnics 🙂 Rowen@Coastal Colours x