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doggie blanket is finished


yesterday i had the last yarn ends woven in and now the small blanket is freshly washed.
doggie blanket_0601
the other very small blanket i had already done (see here)
doggie blanket/very small blanket_0619
and in the closet, i found this kind of storage basket, i’ve made ​​years ago of which i only had to weave in a few yarn ends. i have the sides partially folded to the inside and i’m going to buy a small pillow to lay in it.
doggie basket_0614
then i can wrap the whole together with some nice snacks for dogs and cats and send it to the animal shelter next week.
i took pleasure in to make this:)
that is it for today, wish you a lovely weekend!
  • for the pattern of the squares of the doggie blanket click here
  • and for more info about the squares of the very small blanket click here
doggie blanket_0604 doggie basket_0608 doggie basket_0609
doggie blanket_0602

22 thoughts on “doggie blanket is finished

  1. Oh my goodness, how wonderfully kind of you to make such a beautiful gift to give away! I’m sure it will be well-loved by many lucky pooches.

  2. Fantastic! Lucky doggies xxx

  3. I love your little blankies! I’m so envious of anyone who can crochet – maybe one day I’ll learn.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful pattern. And i like the colours!!

    You are welcome to my blog; http://www.tbezigebijtje.blogspot.nl


  5. The blankies are so beautiful. They are going to make some lucky puppies very happy – and warm and comfortable. So sweet of you.

  6. Working on a granny square blanket myself and so am inspired to follow through as yours is quite nice. The question I have is do you have a pattern for the doggie bed? Would make a great bed for a cat, too. Thanks for the kind comment. 🙂 ~Lisa

  7. What a beautiful blanket – and I love your overall idea for the gift to the dog centre! I’m sure it will be very much appreciated!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. Lovely blanket – I love the colours you have chosen. I bet all those ends took a while to weave in though! It’s so lovely that you have made it for an animal shelter too, such a lovely thought 🙂 Thank you for stopping by my blog, I’m very happy you did because it lead me to yours. Elisabeth x

  9. This is so fun!! I love the color bursts! It looks like the coziest spot for a pooch on the ottoman!!

  10. You must have spent hours importing all those posts!! Well done and I hope you are putting your feet up for a well earned rest.


    Bimbi x

  11. Wat een mooi pakket is het zo geworden. En een erg goed idee voor het dierenasiel.
    Bevalt het goed op wordpress? Je blog ziet er mooi uit. En ik lees nu dat we nog stadsgenoten zijn ook! Groetjes, Sandra

    • Dank voor je compliment, Sandra!
      Waar heb jij de foto van de ooievaars gemaakt, ik herken het niet. Misschien kunnen we eens afspreken in het Stadshart voor een kop koffie? WordPress vind ik nog wat lastig om mee te werken, mijn blog voelt niet meer als mijn blog:(
      Hoop dat je een fijne week hebt ondanks de kou.
      Groetjes, Andrée

      • De ooievaars zitten bij het Geertje. Dat ken je vast. Het lijkt me leuk eens af te spreken. Gebruik je je gmail account nog steeds?

        • Ja hoor, mijn gmail account is nog in gebruik, ik had er niet aan gedacht dat we al eens met elkaar gemaild hadden. Het Geertje ken ik van alle verhalen, maar ik ben er nog nooit geweest.

  12. what a great blanket, and what a generous gift as well, I’m sure it will keep a dog/cat very warm and cosy

  13. Oooo! I love how perfectly the blanket fits on your ottoman! The crocheted elements in your living space are wonderful.

  14. What a nice thought to combine a basket, a blanket and some treats for the animal shelter. Hopefully the lucky puppy feels all the love and kindness in every stitch!

  15. Beautiful! It’s amazing how lovely things can be created with nothing more than a few pieces of scrap yarn! Lucky doggy!

  16. I don´t want to sound mean, but isn’t this blanket too pretty for a dog? I just hate to think that it is going to be soiled or thrown to the floor. (I am a little jealous of the lucky dog 😉
    It is SO Beautiful, Elisabeth!!! The green yarn really brings out all the colors, and joins them beautifully. Lovely photos too. Congratulations!

  17. The doggie blanket came out very pretty. Great idea to wrap the blankets up in the basket – I’m sure it will be much appreciated. 🙂

  18. Wow. This is very nice! you are very creative. I want to start crocheting soon! ❤