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leftover yarn project


the small blanket of leftover yarn is almost finished and then i can look for a little dog that likes to sleep on it. the blanket is a fast in between little project and very enjoyable to do. 


here are some pictures:
leftover yarn blanket_0572leftover yarn blanket_0589leftover yarn blanket_0590leftover yarn blanket_0591leftover yarn blanket_0592
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25 thoughts on “leftover yarn project

  1. That’s so cute, and the colours very spring-like which is perfect!

  2. Am loving the new look of your blog 🙂
    Your work is stunning as usual, love the combinations of the colours!

  3. I’m sure a dog will love it but so would a little one to snuggle up with on the sofa – lovely and spring like x

  4. Hello, what’s the stitch that you have joined the blocks together? I’ve just finished my first ever project and not sure how I want to join them together.

    What type of dog are you after? He/ she with love it x

    • Hello Tina,
      Thank you for your comment on my blog.

      Regarding your question, this is what I did: hold two squares with the right sides facing each other and alternately crochet in the top and the bottom square 1 hdc into the 1 chain spaces and 1 hdc into the middle stitches of the groups of 3 dc. After the last hdc of the first squares make 1 chain and then start with the next two. The result is quite strechy.

      Hope I’ve described it clearly! Good luck with your project!

  5. I love your spring-y palette!

  6. I just think there is nothing better than the feeling of using up all those little leftover balls. That will be a lucky dog.

  7. It’s looking very nice so far. It’ll be cozy for a little dog or cat to lay on. 🙂

  8. What fun! I love the springy colors.

  9. That is one lucky little dog that will get such a beautiful blanket to sleep on. The colors look so pretty and “Spring like”. Love it!

  10. I was just thinking how I really needed to do something with all those small balls of yarn laying around. Something like this would be perfect! Especially if I could get some of my kids involved.

  11. What a pretty way to use up leftover yarn!

  12. The little blanket has a definite flower garden feel – especially with the green borders!

  13. All of your left overs go together beautifully! I love how cheerful it looks and a bit spring timey.

  14. Prachtig, wat een kleurenpracht. Het is net een boeket bloemen. De groene rand maakt het helemaal af.
    Ik vertrek morgen voor een lange week naar Nederland. Ik las net dat de handschoenen, muts en sjaal mee moet nemen, want het kan gaan sneeuwen! Niet eerlijk, ik verheugde me al helemaal op het prachtige weer dat jullie nu hebben.

  15. Amazing what the added green does: it makes the blanket so bright and shiny!

  16. It will be a lucky dog to receive such a sweet blanket:)

  17. how beautiful your crochet is!

  18. it looks gorgeous! leftover yarn projects are my favorite =)

  19. what a gorgeous blanket!!

  20. It is looking AMAZING, Elisabeth!

  21. Oh – very nice! I love seeing what people do with left over yarn – and what you are doing is beautiful!

  22. Terrific way to use leftover yarns and I love your squares!