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blocks blanket & purple pouf


purple pouf_7647Pouf_7429
if you came here before, maybe you remember the purple pouf and the tutorial, here are the links:


since then, the cover for the pouf has been waiting in the closet because i was planning to make a inner cushion myself but that is not going to happen. so finally i bought one.

in the next time i will finish the cover, but the inner pouf is higher than my original plan and now i probably do not have enough yarn. that requires a creative solution and about that i will keep you informed.

meanwhile every evening i crochet a few rows on my blocks blanket and i really enjoy
this project.

for more creative work click on the links below:

14 thoughts on “blocks blanket & purple pouf

  1. I love the pouf! What an awesome idea! And the blanket colors looks awesome! I love that green.

  2. Your pouf cushion looks great. Hope you can find a solution for your yarn problem! Soon I want to make a cushion for a pouf too, but at the moment I have other WiP’s. 😉 Have a good week! Sabine.

  3. It’s wonderful. Love your colours xxx

  4. You work is always so inspiring, always the right colour combinations, perfect workmanship – just gorgeous!x

  5. Your pouf turned out gorgeous!!! So beautiful – I would love to make one some day…we had frost again too. A thin white blanket covers the land and the sun in shining brightly. So nice after all the rain…???Anette

  6. I love your poof. You always choose such great color combinations!

  7. The poof looks amazing! Good luck finishing it.

  8. I think the only solution for your pouf is to crochet a little bit further…Haven’t you got some yarn left? Interesting challenge!

  9. Nice! I know exactly what you mean about making the inside yourself…or not. I am sure you will figure out a good solution 🙂

  10. wow, that’s one gorgeous pouf! the blanket is looking good as well.. I’m looking forward to see it finished *-*

  11. Wow, I love your blog! Your work is so creative and beautiful, and you have an amazing eye for combining colours — It’s definitely inspired me to be more daring with colour choices. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Thank you ladies! I’ve found a solution to continue with the pouf. @Sarah: Go for it! It is wonderful to play with colors!

  13. I love the simplicity of your pouf colours Andree! Very sophisticated and calm… I ‘m enjoying seeing the glimpses of your Blocks Blanket too. Have you seen that you have been nominated on my blog as a Brilliant Crocheter from The Netherlands! Well deserved… you don’t win anything… you just get a lot of respect! :)x

  14. thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments – I am always inspired by your lovely projects 🙂