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a very small blanket


just finished a small in between project.

of the festive blanket i had a few squares left…

…of which i have made a tiny blanket, it has the size of a large placemat.
my intention is to make more blankets – of leftover yarn – for the animal shelter. just little in between projects like this tiny blanket or somewhat larger.
now i go on with my large blocks blanket.
see here for the tutorial for the festive blanket and the pattern for the squares
have a good weekend! 

6 thoughts on “a very small blanket

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  2. I do love this pattern, it is different from the usual. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Awww…so sweet! Lucky animals!!!

  4. Good way to use up leftover yarn!And it stimulates creativity: to make something with what you have.

  5. Awe. I know my furry friends would absolutely love to have their own blankets to snuggle in. It’s a really sweet idea to crochet little blankets to donate.

  6. What a lovely idea Andree.. I can just imagine a sweet little dog / cat under that blanket… what a lucky one! x