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WIP blocks blanket


the frost is out of the country, the snow and ice are gone. fortunately, because for me spring can not come soon enough. but today it seems fall (rain, wind and dark) so on spring weather we still have to wait. 
between much ado and the daily things, i – of course – crochet. i realize more than ever that it keeps me sane. last week i had to go to the hospital and between two appointments i had more than one and a half hour time to wait. luckily i had my crochet work with me and it attracted the attention of an elderly lady who told me that she used to knit and crochet a lot and that her daughter sews her own clothing. i got the impression that she wanted to start crocheting and knitting again, for me it was a pleasant conversation with someone who was unknown to me.


back to my blocks blanket to be. this afternoon when i selected the photos for this post i realized that all those greens must hurt the eyes of those who do not love this color. sorry about that, i hope you still want to see the pictures! 🙂
like to have more info about the stitches of the center of the blocks? 
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13 thoughts on “WIP blocks blanket

  1. I think that the green is what makes this blanket crunchy and yummy!

  2. Love it !! It is crisp & clean Can’t wait to see the finished blanket !!

  3. That looks wonderful..and I’m a fan of the green……….

  4. I love the colour scheme of your blanket! So pretty!

  5. I love the green and cream – very pretty blanket.

  6. I enjoy when knitting sparks conversations between me and onlookers. It’s fun to share with them. The blanket is gaining some gorgeous progress!

  7. your blocks blanket is looking good! it’s often nice to have a chat with someone about crochet/knitting in public 🙂

  8. Wat wordt ie mooi! Lekker fris met dat wit eromheen. Ik hou wel van groen, heb ook een groen kleed in de woonkamer. Hopelijk gaat alles weer goed met je, ziekenhuisbezoekjes zijn meestal niet zo goed nieuws.Groetjes, Sandra

  9. Who doesn???t love green? I cannot believe people hate green, especially the greens that we see in nature. Many people are looking forward to spring with all that lovely green that will come out!The greens in your blanket are like the leaves of the snowdrops that come out through the snow.

  10. Dat wordt weer een unieke Andree deken. Ik ben zo razend benieuwd hoe het uiteindelijk eruit gaat zien. En je mag dan wel geen lente buitenshuis hebben. in je huis heb je toch maar mooi de perfekte Spring is the air blanket. :)Alhoewel het me ook sterk aan Ierland doet denken. De grijze sttormachtige wolkendeken die we de laatste weken hebben en toch overal het frisse groen. Hopelijk gaat het goed met je en zijn al die ziekenhuisbezoeken ter controle. Knuf uit Ierland.

  11. What are you going to do with the bits in the jar? Most intriguing!Bimbi x

  12. The squares look great – and the different greens are pretty together. 🙂

  13. I love green and adore your blanket – you are very talented x