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green and white


while the world outside is snowy white



i have brought a little spring into my home with small daffodils that have yet to unfold.



and i enjoy crocheting. my blocks blanket progresses and i have a clear vision of what the end result will look like. this is the overview of the colors i use.



below some more pictures of the squares and as always i am curious to your opinion:)!




  • like to have more info about the stitches of the center of the blocks?
    see here
to see more creative work click on the links below:
until next time!

16 thoughts on “green and white

  1. We haven’t had any snow this year. In fact, it’s been so warm, I had a neighbor report that her tulips were starting to come up already!?! I like the colors you’re using on your squares! The Greens and teal, are especially nice. 😀

  2. Gorgeous colours you have really brightened my day.Rosie x

  3. I love the colour combination, can’t wait to see the end result!x

  4. So pretty, can’t wait to see how it progresses.

  5. What a lovely, fresh colour combo. Deb x

  6. I always love your color combinations. Looks great!

  7. Your colour choices are great! And because the blocks are so unfussy, the colours really do all the work. I can’t wait to see the finished item! The last round of white around each block, will make the "inside colours" pop even more. It’s going to be great!

  8. It’s snowing here today too! Lovely crochet – your work is so neat and fresh-looking. Have a great weekend x

  9. Thanks for your comment – I seem to be having issues with Flickr and am trying to make it talk to Pinterest – hopefully it will be ‘pinnable’ soon. 😀

  10. Lovely squares. The daffodils are a wonderful inspiration.

  11. Dzi??kuj?? za odwiedziny . Pled zapowiada si?? ciekawie 🙂

  12. I love the colors you chose! They remind me of Spring 🙂

  13. Your daffodils look so nice especially on a winter day. Lovely bit of spring!! I love your squares – they will make up into a really nice blanket!

  14. Lovely colours Elisabeth! And I hope your daffodils produce beautiful flowers soon!!Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!Hope you have a fabulous week!Jill @ Creating my way to Success

    <a href=http://www.jembellish.blogspot.com/ >http://www.jembellish.blogspot.com/ </a>

  15. Dear Elisabeth,I’m happy that I found your blog. I like your creations so much, great colour combinations! Thank you for showing them and for sharing the patterns. I wish you all the best in 2013 and happy crocheting moments. B??rbel

  16. Thank you ladies for all your sweet words!