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japanese squares for BBB 2013


these three blocks are my contribution to the beautiful blogger blanket 2013. monday i sent them so if the post cooperates jill will receive them soon.


honestly i must tell you that these squares are actually plan b. i just can not work well with thick cotton yarn (double knit), i normally work with thinner yarn suitable for hook size 2.5 – 3 mm. 

plan a. was to crochet flower squares but the flower turned out bumpy, sloppy and stiff as cardboard. my intention was to crochet these flowers in four different colors and the squares in four different neutral tones.
on to plan b.
it are other squares with neutral shades for the centers and the colors around it.


alas, plan b. went also not quite right, my thumbs and index fingers were so painful that i could not make a fourth one. the day after my thumbs were a bit swollen, so i’m aiming not to work with thick cotton yarn anymore. it is obvious that i am doing something wrong, besides the fact that my hands are not so strong anymore. 

when i have time i make these patterns again – because i really like them – but with thinner yarn.
these are the patterns i used for the squares,
it are all diagrams/charts instead of written patterns:
amikomo3-23 luncheon mat by pierrot (gosyo co)
links to the page and the pattern:


kukka bedspread by pierrot (gosyo co)
links to the page and the pattern:
this is the pattern for four different squares but if you download the document, you’ll see which of the four i’ve crocheted.


2728-omo57 granny square blanket by pierrot (gosyo co)
Blocks_for_b<br /><br /><br />bb2013_0324


my plan a. squares are from the patterns for these dresses:
links to the page and the patterns:


pierrot (gosyo co., ltd)
if you like this website too (their yarns look all very beautiful) but do not know where to look for the links to the pdf documents: look at the yellow arrow on the picture below, that’s the link to download the pattern.


more information about working with japanese patterns can be found via these links: 


i hope you can use this information!
wish  you lots of fun with crocheting the patterns!



15 thoughts on “japanese squares for BBB 2013

  1. Beautiful squares, love the colors as well!!

  2. Really pretty!!! I love the bold colors – the contrast to the natural tones makes them extra bright. And such nice patterns, too. Happy day, Anette

  3. Beautiful squares Elisabeth. I shall have a look at those patterns as my crochet skills improve – skill slowly working on the basics!Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!Hope you have a fabulous week!Jill @ Creating my way to Success

    <a href=http://www.jembellish.blogspot.com/ >http://www.jembellish.blogspot.com/ </a>

  4. I am definitely going to try the squares as I arrive home. I love granny squares, the combination of color can be amazing. Thank you for the links.Are you going to become a competitor of Sophie Digard?!?

  5. Hello, thanks for al the links to the patterns. I really love them all, and my favourite is the colorful blanket with all the squares, because this reminds me of my own blanket when I was younger:)) byebye

  6. The yellow and the pink blocks are my fav!!!Thank you for sharing all these informations!!!Hope your thumbs are better,xxx Ale

  7. Lovely work & blog! All best!

  8. Love all the flowers – especially the yellow and grey one. I know what you mean wi crocheting with thick yarn, my wrist really hurts – I tend to have pauses..

  9. Some very pretty squares you hooked there!I also sent some in, home they arrived safely. It’s a lovely project to be part of.

  10. The squares are beautiful!

  11. Love your little squares; they’re so fresh and colourful. Sounds like something similar to SIBOL!

  12. Sorry to read about your yarn problems.I hope your hands will be cured soon.The squares are really pretty!I like your idea to switch the naturel and the bright color: usually you see the colored yarn inside a square and the natural or white yarn on the outside. And the squares are simple but original and surprising.Especially the green one!Have a good weekend!

  13. I like your Japanese squares, and thanks for the detailed pattern info! Hope your hands will be better soon!

  14. Plan B is perfect! These are beautiful. I’m interested to see how the Blogger blanket comes together after all the contributions are combined. It’s a really neat way to get involved with other bloggers. 😀

  15. The squares are pretty – I especially like the pink and white one. Thanks for sharing the link to the patterns. 🙂