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some time ago i received an email from nicola, editor of ‘laying it all out’. she asked permission to pay attention to some of my tutorials on her website and she does that quite nice.
the pattern for the squares of my colorful blanket is included in an ebook under the name ‘black eyed susan squares’. the name was not my idea (the centers are aubergine colored) but i must admit i like it.

the ebook titled ‘how to crochet: 14 flower crochet granny squares’ you can download for free, you only need to enter your email address. 
perhaps useful if you join the the bbb project of jill (see here my earlier post about it) and you’re looking for a nice square.
hope you have fun with it!
have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “free ebook

  1. I had a great time visiting your very lovely blog! Thank you and have a nice day!Bonjour de la France…….

  2. ??liczne s?? Pani prace. Dzi??kuj?? za podzielenie si?? wzorkiem na kwadrat. Mi??ego dnia 🙂

  3. Hi Andr??e thank you for the link. I will download it as soon as I am back in Florence. The granny squares are beautiful, and a blanket has been on my to do list for some time now.Happy New Year!

  4. ths s pretty pretty soooo pretty….very nice work

  5. Wat leuk dat je aan het e-boek hebt meegewerkt. En of het nou Susan of Susanna squares zijn……het zijn in ieder geval mooie. :)Een heel fijn weekend.

  6. Oooh … I love all these colorful squares!

  7. Lovely crochet!Black eyed Susan is a flower – Rudbeckia – and looks very similar to your granny squares.Bimbi xThanks for the ebook too.

  8. Hoi Estella,Nu ben ik verrast, ik dacht inderdaad dat het Susanna met de mooie ogen was, die klimplant met de oranje bloemetjes. Ik ga maar eens Googelen:)

  9. Thanks for the link. Really nice to have those patterns in one e-book.The name of your pattern sounds sweet, but to my surprise ???Black Eyed Susan??? is not the same flower as ???Suzanne met de Mooie Ogen??? (Susan with the Beautiful Eyes)!

  10. Hallo Marjo,Dank voor je berichtje, ik heb je inmiddels gemaild.Groetjes!

  11. Hi Barbara!Susan would you please register at the desk :)Regarding the BBB: I have two or three Japanese patterns which I found and of one I am sure that I want to try it. I like to play with colors and see what the effect is.I saw that you have a new theme for the party, TOYS, which is a very nice idea: http://made-in-k-town.blogspot.nl/2013/01/new-theme-party-at-crochet-boulevard.htmlThanks for stopping by and you comment, hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Wat prachtig zijn ze …en hoe is het met jou?Ik heb een vraagje maar mijn emails naar jou gestuurd, komen terug ..snap niet waarom…Heb jij misschien nog Saskia Wol in het lila/zachtgeel of zachtgroen ?LiefsMarjo

  13. Wow, that’s cool that your squares are featured in an e-book! I, too, like the name, but who is Susan?? :)Talking about Jill: have you decided on a square and send it/them to her yet? I can’t wait to see all of them squares coming in, I hope that Jill’s gonna let us in on that treat!!