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large blanket w.i.p.


welcome to my second post of 2013

see here for the first one

below are pictures of my latest project: a warm blanket for in my bedroom. a greenish gray yarn combined with different shades of green. it is already well advanced, but i still have many stitches to hook.

what are you creating?

11 thoughts on “large blanket w.i.p.

  1. I just love your colors and all your work, it’s so simple and beautiful!Happy New Year Elisabeth 🙂

  2. Love the colors.Happy New Year!

  3. The colours are lovely, it’ll look great!

  4. I always love a visit to your blog. The blanket looks lovely so far, I love the green and grey combo!

  5. I love this pattern, how sweet to mix those greens in with a neutral!

  6. You always find the most unusual color-combos for your projects – and they always look stunning! Can’t wait to see the finished blanket!

  7. Allereerst een heel gelukkig 2013! En die deken ziet er al prachtig uit. Ik vind vooral de lichtblauwe(?) overgang tussen het grijs en groen mooi. Een echte lentedeken. En vooral …..een echte Andree deken.

  8. Wow, this is really impressive! Lovely colors and your crochet is so immaculate.I wanted to ask what stitch you used for the middle part of the squares, but I think I figured it out. (I think it is a variation on the ???Marc Jacobs??? stitch, if I may call it so.)It is my secret plan to crochet a large blanket once.

  9. I love the colors you chose.

  10. Oh geweldig, heel erg mooi!! Prachtige kleur groen (ik hou momenteel erg van groen maar krijg mijn lief nog niet erg mee in deze… om wat groene elementen in het huis toe te voegen… ;-))

  11. I love everything about this blanket. Your still is so unique. Can’t wait to see the finished item!