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yellow blanket is ready


the blanket for on the couch is ready, long and narrow as i had in mind. and warm….
the quality of the pictures is not so good again because of the gray weather, sorry about that. 
i’m curious about your comments, at least if you have time to look and to write during these busy times. 



this is my last post of this year, in 2013 i hope to see you again.
i wish you a very pleasant time, with lots of fun and good conversations or the tranquility you long for. 
see you in a couple of weeks and until then, take good care of yourself and each other!



13 thoughts on “yellow blanket is ready

  1. Andr??e I love your work, your ideas turned out so nice, the colors and stitches are amazing. Best wishes to you for 2013 from South America. Love peace and crochet.

  2. Love, love, love it!

  3. All the best in 2013 Elisabeth! Many many more wonderful ideas, lots of happiness and good health!!! Warm hugs from my corner!

  4. What a lovely bright blanket!Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!Hope you are having a fabulous festive week!Jill @ Creating my way to Success

    <a href=http://www.jembellish.blogspot.com/ >http://www.jembellish.blogspot.com/ </a>

  5. Ik wens je mooie kerstdagen en fijn nieuwjaar, Andr??e. Hopelijk kan ik volgend jaar weer genieten van je mooie ontwerpen! Groeten, Sandra

  6. Your blanket turned out great!Warm colors that cheer up the dark days before and probably after christmas.I had hoped to have finished my blanket by now, but unfortunately I was not feeling well the last two weeks. (A flu coming on but not setting trough.)But it will be done some time!Wish you a peaceful Christmas and an inspiring 2013! And hope to hear from you in the next year.

  7. I love your blanket! It’s so simple, but so elegant and stylish. Very modern too. Really great job!

  8. Interesting colour choices, and a brilliant idea for the couch! Enjoy the time off, looking forward to your 2013 projects.

  9. You know one of the best things about your work Andree is that you do things differently… you don’t just churn out a rightly coloured blanket and edge it with scallops… everything I have seen you make has obviously well considered colours and unusual designs… this is my favourite so far… beautiful! Hugs, Jill x

  10. I love the blanket!!! you have a wonderful eye for color combinations!

  11. Hi Andr??e, the blanket looks warm and cosy, I can only imagine the feeling of wrapping it around me in a rainy day. And the colors would cheer up any grey and sadness!

  12. Ik vind het een prachtdeken. Jij hebt echt je eigen stijl. Als ik op Pinterest jouw werk tegenkom is het direct herkenbaar als een Andree ontwerp zonder dat ik hoef te kijken wie het gemaakt heeft. :)Ik wens je hele gezellige feestweken toe. Wij gaan het zuiden van Ierland verkennen in de komende weken. Hopelijk spotten we nog een walvis. Staat nog steeds op mijn verlanglijstje. Tot in het nieuwe jaar en dat het ons veel goeds mag brengen.

  13. That is a beautiful blanket, I love the contrast of the colours you have chosen to edge it with.